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Getting the Story Right
Historical Advisers

Many of Canada's leading historians, authors, and academic experts were consulted during the research and screenwriting of Canada: A People's History. In addition to consulting specialists for each of the series' 17 episodes, the production team frequently called upon the expertise of three of Canada's most renowned historians:

Ramsay Cook is the general editor of the Dictionary of Canadian Biography, and was a history professor at York University for 25 years.
Ramsay Cook, Historical adviser on the series
Ramsay Cook

Historical adviser on the series, general editor of Dictionary of Canadian Biography

He has published widely on political and constitutional history, English-French relations, intellectual and artistic life and on Europeans' explorations and first contacts with native North Americans. His book, The Regenerators: Social Criticism in Late Victorian English Canada, was awarded the Governor General's Award. Cook is both a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and an Officer of the Order of Canada.

Jean-Claude Robert is the director of the history department at the Université du Québec à Montréal, and, since 1987, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.
Jean-Claude Robert, Director of the history department at the Université du Québec à Montréal.
Jean-Claude Robert

Director of the history department at the Université du Québec à Montréal

From 1977 to 1983 he was part of the administrative council of l'Institut d'histoire de l'Amérique française and he also served as president of the Canadian Historical Association in 1989-1990. Robert also presided over the organizing committee of the 18th International Congress of Historical Sciences, held in Montreal in 1995. He remains a member of the executive bureau of the Comité International des Sciences historiques (CISH).

Robert is co-author of several works, including Quebec, A History 1867-1929, Quebec Since 1930 and Le pays laurentien au XIXe siècle. He was a member of the editorial board and the French-language editor for The Historical Atlas of Canada, Volume II, and has also published l'Atlas historique de Montréal. In 1998, he was awarded the J. B. Tyrrell historical medal of the Royal Society of Canada.

Olive P. Dickason is a professor emeritus of the University of Alberta and adjunct professor at the University of Ottawa, as well as a Fellow of Ryerson Polytechnic University.
Olive P. Dickason, Professor emeritus of the University of Alberta.
Olive P. Dickason

Professor emeritus of the University of Alberta.

Originally a journalist with The Globe and Mail she later turned her interest to history and is the author of numerous historical works including Canada's First Nations.

In light of her work Dickason has received several honorary degrees and is a member of the Order of Canada as well as the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Aboriginal Achievement Foundation. In 1992, Dickason was named Métis Woman of the Year by the Women of the Métis Nation of Alberta

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A history done right will irritate, please, provoke and carry you back in time.

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