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Production Team
Senior Editorial Team

GORDON HENDERSON, Senior Producer for CBC
Gordon Henderson heads the CBC history team based in Toronto.
Gordon Henderson, Senior Producer for CBC, <b>Canada: A People's History.
Gordon Henderson

Senior Producer for CBC, Canada: A People's History.

His CBC films - The Choirmaster, Superbugs, and Return to Chernobyl have all won international awards and helped established his strong reputation in the documentary industry.
As a producer, director and writer, Henderson has made over twenty films in the past decade. He manages his own production company, 90th Parallel Productions; is a partner in the post-production house ViewPost Productions Ltd.; and teaches broadcast research and story editing at Ryerson Polytechnic University's School of Journalism. In the past, Henderson was a senior producer for CTV's W5, a producer for The Journal and parliamentary correspondent for Global Television News.
He brings to his role on the history project a degree in history from York University, a consuming interest in Canadian history. He is the author of the children's book, Sandy Mackenzie, Why Look So Glum?

HUBERT GENDRON, Senior Producer for Radio-Canada
Hubert Gendron heads the Radio-Canada history team based in Montreal.
Hubert Gendron, Senior Producer for Radio-Canada
Hubert Gendron

Senior Producer for Radio-Canada

He has 35 years' experience in news and current affairs, both in television and print. Before joining Canada: A People's History, Gendron served as daily producer on Radio-Canada's newsmagazine Le Point.
His career in news began in 1965 as the Quebec City parliamentary correspondent for the daily newspaper The Gazette. Gendron then moved to The Montreal Star as political correspondent in Quebec City and Ottawa. In 1979, he became the CBC's bureau chief in Montreal for The Journal and Midday. Gendron has produced numerous documentaries, and federal and provincial election night specials.

GENE ALLEN, Director of Research
As Director of Research for Canada: A People's History,
Gene Allen, Director of Research
Gene Allen

Director of Research.

Gene Allen combines both academic and journalistic credentials. Allen has a Ph.D in Canadian History from the University of Toronto, where he studied with J.M.S. Careless and Michael Bliss. He has been a journalist for 20 years and held a number of senior positions at The Globe and Mail, including Foreign Editor. Allen joined the CBC in 1991 as assignment editor for CBC Television News, and has specialized in historical documentaries since 1995. He was a key producer and writer on the award-winning documentary series Dawn of the Eye.

LOUIS MARTIN, Editorial Director, Radio-Canada
Louis Martin is one Quebec's most accomplished journalists.
Louis Martin, Editorial Director, Radio-Canada.
Louis Martin

Editorial Director, Radio-Canada.

During a career that spans almost 40 years, Martin has observed the dramatic events, interviewed the great newsmakers, and witnessed the far-reaching social changes that have transformed Quebec, Canada and the world. He has held senior positions in all media, including managing editor and editor-in-chief of Le Magazine Maclean, and director of television and radio information programs for Radio-Canada. Martin has also been host of several popular radio and television programs, including Rencontres, Deux+Un, Format 30, and Les Actualités.

ANNE EMIN, Project Manager
As Project Manager, Anne Emin oversees the business management of Canada: A People's History,
Anne Emin, Project Manager
Anne Emin

Project Manager for Canada: A People's History.

including monitoring of all budgets, administration and production. Ms. Emin has responsibility for similar functions as Director of Business & Administration for Network Programming. Before joining the History series team, Ms. Emin was the Director of Business and Administration for Arts and Entertainment Television at CBC. Prior to her work in this area, Ms. Emin had a long and successful career in News and Current Affairs, which includes her work as Business Manager for The Journal and Midday. She was also an integral part of 90 Minutes Live, and worked on such variety programmes as The Tommy Hunter Show and Anne Murray's Greatest Hits.

MARIO CARDINAL, Editorial Adviser
Mario Cardinal is one of Quebec's most distinguished journalists and a specialist in journalism ethics.
Mario Cardinal, Editorial Adviser for Radio-Canada
Mario Cardinal

Editorial Adviser for Radio-Canada

Cardinal has worked in communications for over 40 years as a journalist, lecturer, consultant and adviser. He has worked extensively in French Africa teaching journalism.
As a print journalist, he worked for Le Magazine Maclean, Le Soleil and Le Devoir. In addition, he has over 20 years' experience in radio and television journalism with Radio-Canada. Between 1993 and 1997 Cardinal was the French network's ombudsman. Currently, he manages Gestion Mario Cardinal, a consulting firm in journalism and communications.
Adventurers and Mystics, Episode 2 in the series, holds a very personal interest for Cardinal. His ancestors were recruited by Jeanne Mance herself to help settle New France. Michelle Garnier and her husband Simon-Jean Cardinau (later changed to Cardinal) were on board the St. Andre when it sailed from France to Quebec in July, 1659. Jeanne Mance had loaned them the money to pay for their passage and ten years later, the debt was cleared. Today all of the Cardinals in North America can trace their roots to these early residents of New France.

KELLY CRICHTON, Senior Producer, CBC
Before joining Canada: A People's History, Kelly Crichton was Executive Producer of The National
Kelly Crichton, Senior Producer, CBC
Kelly Crichton

Senior Producer, CBC

and The
Magazine. Crichton has had a long and successful career as a CBC journalist. In the 1970's, she served as senior producer of As it Happens. She was host and producer of CBC North's Focus North, and later a producer for 90 Minutes Live and field producer for the fifth estate.
In the 1980s Crichton worked as a reporter for CBC Television News and served as European bureau producer. In 1989, she was named Executive Producer of the fifth estate, twice winning the Gemini for Best Information Program. In 1995, she became Head of Television News.

SALLY REARDON, Senior Producer
Sally Reardon began her journalistic career with CBC Television in 1981.
Sally Reardon, Senior Producer
Sally Reardon

Senior Producer

A founding member of The Journal, she has worked with Canada's top journalists, documentary producers and writers on Canada's flagship current affairs program. Reardon worked closely with Barbara Frum on the daily editorial desk helping to shape coverage of historical events such as the Meech Lake and Charlottetown Accords, and the Free Trade debate. In 1994, she left Toronto for Halifax where she was senior producer at the CBC supper-hour program First Edition

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