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Canada: A People's History
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Video Clips from Episode 10
Taking the West

Video and audio clips are no longer available on the Canada: A People's History website.

Visit Curio.ca to purchase DVD copies for the classroom or to start your streaming subscription.

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Episode 1
When the World Began...
Episode 2
Adventurers and Mystics
Episode 3
Claiming the Wilderness
Episode 4
Battle for a Continent
Episode 5
A Question of Loyalties
Episode 6
The Pathfinders
Episode 7
Rebellion and Reform
Episode 8
The Great Enterprise
Episode 9
From Sea to Sea
Episode 10
Taking the West
Episode 11
The Great Transformation
Episode 12
Ordeal by Fire
Episode 13
Hard Times
Episode 14
The Crucible
Episode 15
Comfort and Fear
Episode 16
Years of Hope and Anger
Episode 17
In an Uncertain World

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