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Food with Sarah Elton: November 2012 Archives

Food Column: Elton Makes the Perfect Cuppa

This week our food columnist Sarah Elton visited The House of Tea at 1015 Yonge Street where she learned all about tea from Marisha Golla, a professional tea taster and the shop owner. Listen audio (runs 6:43)

Marisha gave Sarah a lesson about tea, introducing her to the terroir of the tea leaf that you can find in your cup. One of the teas Sarah sampled was from the Mokalbari plantation in India.

Marisha's tips for making the best cup of tea.

1. Start with filtered water. Cholorine can overpower the taste of tea.

2. Make sure your water is really boiling.

3. Warm up the pot by pouring in hot water and them emptying it first before you add the tea leaves.

4. For loose leaf tea, use one teaspoon of leaves per cup. If you are using a good quality tea, you don't need to add an extra spoon for the pot as is the custom.

5. Pour boiling hot water directly onto the tea.

6. Make sure the lid is on the pot.

7. Each tea has a different steeping time so make sure you steep accordingly.

8. If you take your tea with milk, warming the milk first enhances flavour of your tea.

9. Enjoy!