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January 2015 Archives

Food Column: Elton On Beef Fat

The supermarkets might be full of diet products. Zero percent fat yoghurt abounds in the dairy case. And, you can even get fat free sour cream there too. But as our food columnist Sarah Elton was in to tell us, fat is back. First it was duck fat, then lard, now beef fat can be found in this city. Sarah visited Moo Frites for beef fat-fried french fries. She found rendered tallow and beef fat at butchers in the city. And corn meal muffins made with beef drippings at Leslieville Pumps. Moo Frites can be found at 178 Baldwin Street. Rendered beef tallow is for sale at Butchers of Distinction, at 738 Queen Street East. (Call ahead to make sure they have it). Or render it yourself from Cumbrae's (various locations). Leslieville Pumps bakes beef dripping cornmeal muffins every morning at 929 Queen Street East. Jennifer McLagan is the author of Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, With Recipes. Her latest book is Bitter: A Taste of the World's Most Dangerous Flavor, With Recipes Listen audio (runs 6:57)


Food Column: Elton on Juice

If you resolved to eat more fruits and vegetables this year, perhaps drinking them is the answer. Our food columnist Sarah Elton discusses this trend. Listen audio (runs 6:53)