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Holding his baby for the first time. “I just can’t keep my emotion down.”

Max is anxious to greet his wife and new baby daughter upon their arrival from Cameroon.

This is their first child. Deeply saddened by two previous miscarriages, the couple persevered and were overwhelmed with joy when their daughter came to full term.

However, after a complication, Max's wife had to deliver the baby away from home. This is the moment Max finally gets to meet his daughter. 

Song used in Max's story: 'Alive Again' by AHI

We received this update from Max:

"We are all doing fine, and baby Arielle is progressing well according to the developmental chart. She walks along furniture and sometimes few steps of her own.

Mathilde just travelled to Cameroon to solve few issues and she is coming back late April to start preparing for her medical board exams (MCCEE). She was already a physician in Cameroon, now she is transitioning to becoming a Canadian physician. MCCEE exams are very challenging and she has been studying very hard.

We were truly moved by the way people reacted to our story and we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to those who empathize with us. In fact, their kind words of support and appreciation helped nurture our already strong bond as a family. Such an overwhelming response made us feel special; as Dale said, 'It was a miracle in the making.'"

With respect and gratitude,
- Mathilde, baby Arielle and Max.

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