Juleth and Marleaux

"I'm not going into any white light during that surgery, just so you know."

Christa stays strong for the family

Christa is waiting for her niece Sandra whose mother was in a coma, and who came to consciousness after the family spoke and sang to her for weeks on end.

Karen and Ina

“There are no steps in our family — so she's our daughter.”

“The person who loved us the most.”

After losing his mother, Vlad feels gratitude at how his parents shaped his life and now looks forward to having his father’s presence in his son’s life.

Keeping Lola’s spirit alive

Their daughter couldn’t have been more excited to be a big sister. They were all devastated when they lost their newborn to a heart defect.

Memories of making memories

“He got to die at home. It was just exactly what he wanted.” A family who recently lost their father reminisce about making memories during those final days.

“She’s been my rock.”

Franklyn will always grieve the loss of his brother, but Nadia’s love and unwavering support has gotten him through.

Sister support

Brigid, who is in the military, is waiting for her sister, who has always been able to provide the kind of calm reassurance and support she needs during difficult times.

“Can’t wait to meet you”

Sherry and Paula, who are both grandmothers and great friends, excitedly wait to meet their newly adopted grandchild from Ethiopia.

The face of being a strong parent

Carla raised three kids on her own after her husband took his own life. She shares her story of putting on a brave face for her children.

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