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Christine waits for her fiance

Christine was injured in a rappelling accident that took away her ability to walk. She is at the airport waiting for her fiance, who was her first boyfriend after her accident. How does she describe him? "He's beautiful, he does math, he likes the same kind of music as me, it's the man of my dreams."

How does she want their lives to be as a married couple? "I just, I want it to be an adventure. And I do think because there was a split second in the middle of  falling where I thought I was going to die, there is a little bit of that kind of knowledge that life is short."

Song featured in Christine's story: "RIGHT WHERE I WANNA BE" by Von Bonneville

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Where are they now? We got in touch with Christine, who has this update:

Christine and Husband Get Married

Sarah Pukin Photography

Our wedding was in Calgary on June 11 and it was the best day we could have asked for!! The weather cooperated nicely for our outdoor ceremony and we were blown away with how amazing the day was.  We laughed, danced and partied the evening away. Neither of us were ready to leave when it was over!

We both had somewhat hectic work schedules right after the wedding, so we put off our honeymoon until late August. We spent a week driving around Newfoundland, seeing all of the wonderful sights and people that the province has to offer.  And we are already planning to make a trip back at some point!!

We're in full 'work mode' now, with Jerrod trying to finish up his thesis so that he can defend his PhD in the spring. My sister is expecting our first niece in December, so we'll be headed back out to Calgary to meet her when she arrives. We're also planning a family vacation to Phoenix to watch some spring training baseball in March.

It's shaping up to be a big year for us in many ways, and we couldn't be more excited about it.

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