Season 3


Juleth and Marleaux

"I'm not going into any white light during that surgery, just so you know."


Christa stays strong for the family

Christa is waiting for her niece Sandra whose mother was in a coma, and who came to consciousness after the family spoke and sang to her for weeks on end.


Karen and Ina

“There are no steps in our family — so she's our daughter.”


“The person who loved us the most.”

After losing his mother, Vlad feels gratitude at how his parents shaped his life and now looks forward to having his father’s presence in his son’s life.

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Season 2


“She’s my home”

Lionel's mom wants him to marry an East African girl, but when he met Mary, from West Africa, sparks flew. Three years later, they're bracing for their first separation.

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