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Love Lines

Families can grow united even after they are torn apart by distance, time and tragedy. This episode features stories of people whose families have become stronger despite enduring emotional turmoil:

Geoff's family keeping the spirit of their daughter alive: When Geoff and his wife Ofelia became pregnant, their daughter, Mar, couldn’t have been more excited to be a big sister. But they were all devastated when they lost their newborn to a heart defect. Watch the preview clip above.

Other stories featured in this episode:

Jane reunites with her daughter after 25 years: Jane was only 19 years old when she had to give up her daughter Amanda for adoption. Now, Jane is grateful to have her daughter back in her life and feels she completes the family. The experience inspired Jane, who was also an adoptee, to reconnect with her own parents and resolve feelings of loss.

Jimmy welcomes his "wee darling" sister: Jimmy is waiting for his younger sister, whom he used to care for when they were children in Scotland. But when their mother recently passed away from Alzheimer's, it was his sister who looked after her. Jimmy remembers their mother fondly, especially how she would champion his boxing matches.

Ashraf embraces a new, authentic connection with his family: Ashraf is a single man and he is also gay, which has challenged his relationship with his mother, as his family is conservative Muslim from Bangladesh and previously unaccepting of his sexual orientation. After coming out to his parents 10 years ago, he hopes to have a more authentic connection with them now that he has adopted a son.

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