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Love Conquers All

No one asks for any type of life crisis, but when the answer to pain and loss is love, we welcome it. This episode features people whose families have been a saving grace for them.

Tony is grateful for mom's hard work: When Tony’s dad passed away, his family had to sell everything to survive. His mom — a Chinese immigrant who didn’t speak English — took on gruelling labour jobs to support them and slowly rebuild things for the family. “That's why me and my sister, we're very grateful for what my mom did.” Watch the preview above.

Other stories featured in this episode:

Jeff has a new lease on life with his new love: Jeff is a newlywed at 52. He first met his wife when he was stationed in Mexico for business, and now she's coming to Canada to live with him. They bonded over their love for their parents, especially because Jeff had cared for his elderly parents after overcoming alcoholism. With a new zest for life, Jeff is ready to begin a new chapter with the love of his life. 

Ana has her daughter's support: Ana's husband was only 33 when he passed away from ALS and it was very hard on their daughter Amanda who was only 12. When Ana was later diagnosed with cancer, she was reluctant to tell her children since they already had to grapple with the loss of their father. But Amanda, who was in med school at the time, became Ana's greatest support throughout her illness and recovery.

Erick and his tight-knit family: When Erick suffered a heart attack, his daughter Vanessa rushed back from university to be there when he came out of open-heart surgery. Erick was understandably scared that he would die, so seeing his daughter upon waking was his ultimate comfort.