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Family Matters

When life's events take a dark turn, people rely on their famliy to light the way on their journey.

Juleth and her family say goodbye to her brain tumour: Juleth is optimistic before her risky brain operation. Her kids gave her tumour a nickname and they even had a goodbye party for it. “I'm not going towards any white light in that surgery, just so you know.” Watch the preview above.

Other stories featured in this episode:

Vlad's father will meet his grandson for the first time: Vlad is excited to reunite with his father, whom he hasn't seen since his mother's recent funeral back in Russia. Tragically, his mother — a former librarian who was a huge influence on Vlad's childhood interests — never had the opportunity to meet her grandson. But Vlad looks forward to having his father's presence in his son's life.

Karen says there are "no steps" in her family: Karen is picking up her step-daughter Ina, with whom she has grown even closer since Karen lost her 23-year-old son in a tragic car accident. Ina accompanied Karen to bury her son's ashes in Germany. Today, Ina is in Canada to spend time with Karen and her family.

Jessica and Laura fulfill dad's wish: Jessica and Laura have recently lost their father and are about ot set off for Arizona with his ashes in hand. They remember his larger-than-life personality, and the tragedy that changed him forever.

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