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Chosen Family

At the airport, host Dale Curd speaks with people who reflect on the new and old family members who have entered their lives and the unbreakable bonds they share with the family that they have created.  We learn how “family” can be mean much more than blood relations.

ACT 1:
Mariana and Maggi wait for their 19-year-old adopted daughter Ming to return from a vacation in China. They reflect on the difficulty they had adopting a child from China as a same-sex couple.

ACT 2:
Paul says goodbye to his cousin Aneisha who he flew to Toronto from Trinidad in order to say a final goodbye to their grandmother, whose health is rapidly deteriorating. Paul's grandmother relocated from Trinidad to Canada to raise him when his parents died from a faulty blood transfusion.

Nelli waits for her ex-husband who is flying in for their son’s surprise birthday party. Although they parted ways when their son was a young boy, her ex-husband once wrote a beautiful letter to Nelli’s second husband, thanking him for helping to raise his son.

ACT 3:
Ian anxiously awaits meeting his half-sister for the very first time. Growing up with an absentee father, he chose to distance himself from his family, but after unexpectedly suffering the loss of his best friend, Ian feels a need to connect with the family he avoided for so many years.

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