Wish You Were Here: The Songs of Hello Goodbye Ep. 1

The song begins with a whisper and feeds a thread of suspense. We've just met René, who is surprising his girlfriend at the airport.  

When the couple are finally reunited, “Tonight” — performed by Secret Nation — breaks into an celebratory chorus. We dance, we sing, we live, we love tonight. It's the perfect song for a joyful reunion.

"Tonight" is undeniably romantic. And the comments on their YouTube video confirm it — a number of couples say they chose this as a wedding song.

Mitch Gabourie, showrunner for Hello Goodbye, sought out gems from independent bands, creating a soundtrack that supports the emotional journeys in the series.

The full list of songs in Episode 1, Wish You Were Here

  • “Tonight” – Written by Spencer Combs and Justin Halpin and Performed by Secret Nation
  • “Only Human” – Written and Performed by Austin Plaine
  • “We Won’t Mind” – Written by Peter Katz and Lindsey Ray and Performed by Peter Katz
  • “Love Is Beginning” – Written by Jesse Epstein and Rich Jacques and Performed by Imaginary Future

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