Where Are They Now? Ian and Becca’s Sibling Bond Grows Stronger

When we met Ian at the airport in the season finale of Hello Goodbye, he was waiting to meet his half-sister Becca for the first time. After their emotional first meeting, Becca, who came in from Winnipeg, got to meet Ian's family and close friends who live in Ontario.

Becca meets the family after Hello GoodbyeIan was excited to introduce Becca to his family after meeting for the first time on Hello Goodbye.

It was an especially monumental visit for Becca as she finally got to meet her and Ian’s father, Steve. “It takes a lot of courage to meet with a man that you have a million questions [for],” Ian said.

Ian and Becca were also excited to find that they have so many similar interests and hobbies and finally got to share them as brother and sister. They went fishing, camping, and checked out the Fergus Truck Show together. “We had a wonderful week,” Ian said. “I have to admit it was very surreal to see how many similar traits, beliefs, and morals we share.”

Becca at the Fergus Truck ShowBecca at the Fergus Truck Show.

Thanks to Becca, Ian has been able to establish a connection with their brother Mark, whom Becca is close with. Ian and Mark have since been planning to meet. “I am very excited to continue to be introduced to family and counting down the days of meeting even more family,” Ian said.

The sibling bond between Ian and Becca continues to grow stronger every day and the family has confirmed that Becca will be moving to Ontario in July to be closer to them.


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