We Are Family: Songs from Hello Goodbye

This week's episode featured stories of people whose family members rallied around them during one of the toughest moments of their life. Hello Goodbye showrunner Mitchell Gabourie gives us some insight into his song choices for the episode "We Are Family".

Story 1: Jaime's family is his power
Give It All by AHI (Purchase on iTunes)

Jaime’s incredible story of fleeing Columbia after guerrillas attempted to kidnap his daughter is so harrowing, it could be a feature film. AHI, the artist that composed the song for finale of this story, writes such rich and beautiful tunes that are so inspirational. We needed some of AHI’s life affirming mojo for Jaime’s reunion with his wife and his nephew. The song is the best pay off for all the trials Jaime and his family has lived through.

AHI had this to say about his song Give It All:

Give It All' doesn't have a special anecdote, but as a husband and a father its message is a pretty simple one for me. The song is about being 100% committed and willing to do whatever it takes for a loved one, and asking that person to be brave enough to do the same.

Story 2: Vasia draws strength from her sister
You're Gonna Shine by Alissa Moreno (Purchase on iTunes)

We wanted a song that spoke to the close relationship between these two sisters and the mutual support they have given each other despite their long distance relationship. They have both really been there for each other when they needed it most, lending the words of encouragement only a good sister can. This super soulful tune was so perfect, it felt like the composer wrote it for the reunion of these two amazing women.

Alissa Moreno had this to say about her song You're Gonna Shine:

"I had officially moved from L.A. to Music City. Shelly would fly down from New York every quarter and we would write and record songs for my new project. The music ( a few album's worth of material) spanned the moment I met and fell in love with my husband, Jason, through pregnancy, to motherhood. Weeks after the birth of my son, Ryman (yep, he's named after the famous auditorium because I had the great honor of playing the Grand Ole Opry while he was in my belly!) he was having a hard day, (as newborns often do) because, as fun as making a record is, it is hard work! At just a few weeks old, I wore him in a baby wrap while I wrote and sang, and Shelly and I created this little gem of a lullaby for my son."

Story 3: Sam keeps Anne close
I Will Be There by Odessa

This song truly sneaks up on you. Before you know it, you’ll be in tears. The chorus has an ethereal quality which is heavenly or as if this beautiful female voice is singing from heaven. The tune also evokes a certain sadness which enhances the feels of this difficult goodbye between father and daughter.

Story 4: Lisette welcomes home her boys
Escape by Ahi (Purchase on iTunes)

This is one of my favourite songs in the Hello Goodbye series as well as one of the most poignant stories. It is a “slayer” — the tune is so beautifully written, it is heart wrenching. It captures the meaning of Lissette’s tragic story and the emotional journey of her family so perfectly. It is bang on.

AHI had this to say about his song Escape:

"I wrote 'Escape' shortly after hearing about the Fort McMurray wildfires. I was horrified and deeply moved, not only by the images I was seeing on social media but also by seeing the people of Fort McMurray bounce back, so this song was my nod to them. As a father of 3 small children, I can't even begin to imagine what I would have to overcome in that situation."


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