Unbreakable Bonds: Songs from Hello Goodbye

This week’s episode was all about how leaning on loved ones in times of change and turbulence is better than going it alone.

Mitchell Gabourie, Hello Goodbye’s showrunner, shares the reasons he chose each song, as well as some insight from the musicians themselves.

Story 1: Jesapher’s long-awaited reunion with her children
High Hopes - Kodaline (Purchase on iTunes)

After being separated from her children for 7 years, Jesapher is being reunited with her kids permanently as they are arriving at the airport to immigrate to Canada. So we needed a celebratory song that captured the new joy and optimism for this new chapter of Jesapher’s life.

Story 2: Priscilla’s new lease on life
You’re With Me - Ark Life (Purchase on iTunes)

Priscilla's heartfelt story of appreciation for her mother’s constant support during her the time she was incapacitated with a stroke is candid and poignant. We needed a soulful tune that celebrated this mother /daughter relationship, an emotional song that captures the love and inspiration that Priscilla has received from her mom. 

Story 3: Pat decided to stop running away
Their Waltz - Irish Mythen (Purchase on iTunes)

Pat and her husband have overcome many challenges and tragedies in their marriage including the death of their teenage son. Yet, their relationship has endured and they appreciate and love each other more than ever. The Waltz captures a sense of an old fashioned romance that has endured the test of time.

Irish Mythen had this to say about Their Waltz:

"Their waltz is the story of an elderly man who told me about his beautiful wife. She was a wild Scottish highland girl with red hair and green eyes. He fell right in love. He unfortunately lost her to Alzheimer's when she was only 63 and before the end he used to go see her three or four times a day and every time he walked in her room at the home she would be "swaying" (which is when the end is near having watched my grandmother do the same) and so to ease his broken heart he used to say it was her remembering them dancing as they would dance every chance they got. The story killed me hence the song."

Story 4: Holly and Hannah’s bittersweet farewell
Nobody Knows - The Lumineers (Purchase on iTunes)

This song feels as if it was written for Holly & Hannah’s story.  These twin sisters are so genuine and open about how difficult it is for them to say goodbye to each other.  This Lumineers’ song evokes the essence of this super emotional goodbye scene. It is an honest-to-goodness tear-inducing departure scene.

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