“Turning Points” - Songs from Ep. 8 of Hello Goodbye

When Brandon was seven, he almost lost his mom, and it changed his life forever. Now, as a dad himself, this CFL player reflects on the day that would bring him and his mom closer than ever.

Hello Goodbye showrunner Mitch Gabourie describes song choice “Once When I Was Little” by James Morrison as a personal favourite.“It’s about coming of age, being a father,” he says. “And looking back on your innocence, and how you used to believe you could change everything.”

“I could be free more then
And I could pretend more then
That this world could
Only show me good times
Once when I was little.”

Wolfgang  grew under the frightening and oppressive regime of East Germany. He defected to Canada in his 40s, but left his family behind. Years later, the Cold War a distant memory, his daughter is coming to visit. “Nothing More” by Alternate Routes, sounds like an anthem for people pondering that moment where global and personal changes intersect.

We are Peace
We are War
We are how we treat each other and nothing more

Melanie says goodbye to her to eldest son as he leaves to spend the summer in Vancouver with his grandmother. This is the first time Melanie has been apart from either of her two children since her husband passed from away last year from a heart attack. “As Hard As It Is” – Written by Brandon Chandler scores this delicate moment of transition.

Mike Edel sings “All in the Morning” as Leilani greets her mother who has returned to support her during her father’s health crisis. There is sadness in her story, but also the joy and anchoring she feels with her family’s love. 

"And it came to me, you came to me
a song to sing, the missing piece."


The Full Songlist

“Once When I Was Little”  Written by James Morrison, Martin Terefe and Dan Wils
“Nothing More” – Written by Tim Warren and Eric Donnely and Performed by Alternate Routes
“As Hard As It Is” – Written by Brandon Chandler and Hayden Bursk and Performed by Brandon Chandler
“All The Morning” – Written and Performed by Mike Edel

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