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Travel-Friendly Fashion Pieces for Men

When you need to keep track of passports, flight connections and customs forms, the last thing you want to worry about is what you should wear when travelling. But putting together a foolproof fight-friendly outfit doesn’t have to be all about utility; having fun with your airport fashion choices is also encouraged…especially when you’re meeting someone special on the other side of your flight.

Packable Jacket

Mec Uplink Jacket

In an age when airlines are charging extra for checked bags, being able to pack light is an economical skill to posses. So, having an über-light, easy-to-pack jacket on-hand is a prudent move when space is limited. This sustainably produced PrimaLoft jacket by Mountain Equipment Coop not only keeps you warm when the cabin temperature begins to plummet in a pressurized airplane, but it also squishes down into its own pocket packing pouch for simple storage. Plus, it can be used as neck pillow in a pinch. See? Clothes can be technical and totally cool. (MEC Uplink Jacket, $145,

Posh Jogging Pants

posh jogging pants

Yes, dress jogging pants are actually a thing. Matching the relaxed cut of sweatpants with high-end materials has produced a style a pant that’s simultaneously casual and fashion forward. The water-repellent stretched cotton twill used in this pair by Publish Legacy is not only durable but is also coated with a stain-resistant substance, which will to protect against spills from a bevy complimentary beverages. (Men's Legacy Jogger Pant, $120,

Active Top

province of canada sweatshirt

As Canadians, we have a lot to be proud of: a stellar international reputation, an amazing amount of untouched wilderness, and a sometimes-comical level of politeness. A vintage-styled sweatshirt from Province of Canada lets your nation-loving heart shine without having to shout it out. Plus, this slim-fit shirt is made in Canada, so you’re also supporting local workers and entrepreneurs with your patriotic fashion pick. (Province of Canada Sweatshirt, $118,

Light Scarf

nautical striped scarf

Having a lightweight scarf on hand is a good idea when you’re moving from one climate to another; keep your neck warm when the temperature dips down up north, or use it to shade your skin from the sun’s harsh rays closer to the equator…this one can even be unfolded and used as a beach towel. (But we’re not foreseeing any sunbathing opportunities at the airport.)  (Quarterly Nautical Striped Scarf, $55,

Slip-On Shoes

slip-on shoes in red

When you have a hectic day of connections and reconnections ahead of you, the last thing you want is to be held up fussing around with footwear at a security checkpoint. Help the process flow a little faster with an easy-to-remove pair of slip-on shoes. Not only are these stylish EVA steppers by Native, a Vancouver-based brand, odour resistant but they’re also washable, meaning scuffing them up while in transit is never a big deal. (Native Jefferson Cavalier Red Shoes, $60,

Now that you’re kitted out from head to toe, you’re ready to face the world and the friendly faces waiting for you once you land. Safe and stylish travels!

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