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Top 6 romantic Canadian destinations

Canada: home to decadent desserts (think butter tarts and maple-syrup-anything) and charming colloquialisms that put the ‘dear’ in endearing — but that’s not all that makes this great nation one of the sweetest places on earth. In fact, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, these six romantic Canadian destinations will leave you catching feelings for a special getaway (no Cupid’s arrow required).

Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia
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Renown for its temperate climate and mountainous skyline, it’s as easy to love Canada’s west coast as it is a Nanaimo bar. Nestled in the south-eastern region of BC, the unincorporated town of Fairmont Hot Springs—also affectionately referred to as “the land of smoking waters”—boasts the country's largest natural mineral hot springs. With temperatures ranging from 34 to 45.5 degrees Celsius, its waters are sure to make your getaway extra steamy. In fact, after a calming soak, you can unwind even further with a couple’s massage (and shopping, too).

Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick
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Jumping cross-country to the east coast, this picturesque region of Canada gives new meaning to “long walks on the beach.” That’s right — you can quite literally walk the ocean floor in the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick. With its towering flower pot rocks and natural cave formations, it’s easy to see why the Hopewell Rocks is one of the province’s main attractions. And if you’re seeking a little bit of adventure, why not tour the waters at high tide in a tandem kayak?

Niagara-on-the-lake, Ontario
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One of Ontario’s most romantic destinations, Niagara-on-the-lake offers stunning scenery and lip-smacking salutations in the form of homegrown wines. From reds and whites to the region’s iconic ice wines, Niagara-on-the-lake hosts dozens of wineries offering tours of all types. Perhaps a lesser-known attraction of Canada’s wine country, however, is its breweries and whisky distilleries. Tour packages range from round-trip transportation and guided walk-throughs to casual, stay-for-a-sip drop-ins that are just perfect for two. 

Québec City, Québec
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Not surprisingly, Québec City ranks as one of Canada’s most love-laden destinations. With its bustling bistros and très chic boutiques, this enchanting city boasts unparalleled old-world charm. In fact, its centuries-old buildings and cobblestoned streets make getting lost a welcome circumstance. And there’s nothing quite like a calèche ride to lend some serious horsepower to a romantic evening. Or, if you prefer to tour the city by foot, a starlit stroll through Old Québec City promises romance too.

Beausejour, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Just 30 minutes from Winnipeg is the town of Beausejour, which means ’beautiful stay’ in French. Tucked amid 150 acres of serene foliage is a small but serendipitous couples-only resort. Each cabin sits along the Brokenhead River and comes fully-loaded with spa-like amenities, making it the quintessential romantic retreat. Head just a few hours west to Manitoba’s neighbouring province of Saskatchewan and you’ll discover not quite a town, but a village. Love, which is home to less than 100 people, is best-known for its postmark — a teddy bear holding a heart. The village also hosts a Valentine’s Festival, because of course.

Whitehorse, Yukon
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There’s no wonder like a natural wonder, that’s why the Northern Lights promise a breathtakingly romantic experience in Canada’s great north. Where the aurora borealis is almost a daily occurrence from late August through mid-April, the wilderness—just a few minutes outside of Whitehorse—proves to be among the most optimal viewing sites in the territory. Afterwards, cozy up with a hot cocoa fireside in one of the city’s many bed and breakfasts.