Through the Fire: Songs from Hello Goodbye

This episode showcased people whose spirits were tested but still managed to come out hopeful — so it's only fitting that many of this week's music was bittersweet to reflect that struggle.
Below you’ll find the full list of songs used in this episode as well has showrunner, Mitchell Gabourie’s, reason for each pairing.

Story 1: "We're going to have a good weekend"

Here For You by Brendan James

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Shirley and Stacey are two amazing women are so inspiring, so gregarious and remain so positive despite what they have been through. And they speak so eloquently in paying tribute to the husband/father that recently passed; you can feel the love.

We needed a song that acknowledged the sadness but also was life affirming and recognized the love and support they received from their cousin arriving to join them for a girls’ weekend. This song, “Here For You” has such an anthemic, killer chorus that it will make you tear up when they hug.

Story 2: Anthony's off to meet his girlfriend for the first time

Strong Wings by Homesick Hank

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I’m a sucker for a father/son story and this is one of the most unique we’ve ever had on Hello Goodbye. In a way, it’s a classic “coming of age” story. As an audience, we can see how tough a moment it is for Bob and how emotional it is for him to see his son take his first flight alone. 

This song speaks to this notion of spreading your wings and leaving the nest or in this case, as Anthony’s father mentions, becoming a man.

Story 3: Alexandro's long-awaited, worry-filled reunion with her mother

Shine by Ruut

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Alexandro’s story is so tragic and she handles it with such grace. It is very clear how much she loved and admired her Dad and how his murder, back in Jamaica, has traumatized her. While chatting with Dale, Alexandro mentioned that she thinks about her father every day.

This song has mood we needed to support an homage. It has an inspirational chorus, while the verses reflect sadness. The song is meant to be a tribute to Alexandro’s father and her feeling that his presence will always live on.

About the song: After struggling with song for a while to the point of almost giving up on it, Ruut finally finished it and it became one of her favourite songs. “I feel it's about the beautiful souls who have stood by me and led me through the darkness. And who push me to continue, even when I don’t know why,” she says.

Story 4: After much regret, Ian is ready to be a better father

Till The End by Heather Bond

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Ian’s is a second chance story. For this beautiful reunion with his grown children, we needed a song that about love that builds to a crescendo. We wanted the climax of the song to give everyone in the audience goosebumps, as Ian’s heartfelt hug-fest happens in the arrivals lounge. This song evokes pure love and ultimately forgiveness.

About the song: Written after hearing about the death of a high school friend around this time some her friends were getting married, Heather Bond says this song points to how fragile life is. “We should cherish the people we love,” she says.

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