Thinking Of You: Songs from Hello Goodbye

This week's episode featured stories of people whose families have become even closer after surviving incredible challenges. Hello Goodbye showrunner Mitchell Gabourie gives us some insight into his song choices for the episode "Thinking Of You".

Story 1: Darren reunites with son after 23 years
Burden by Foy Vance (Purchase on iTunes)

The moment I heard this song I knew it was a great choice for Darren. The overall feeling and vibe is about making amends, forgiveness and taking on the burden of someone we love. It has the soulfulness of a Van Morrison tune. The lyric “Let me carry your burden…” seems so fitting for a father and son who are reuniting after 25 years.

"I was on the West Coast of America when I wrote this song for a friend. I could tell he was struggling with a number of things, but wouldn’t say so because he was too busy trying to carry a burden for others. I wrote it as a reminder that he is someone’s other too. I never intended it for release but it just worked out that way."

Story 2: Georgia’s hero is her mother
Walk With You by Jenny & Tyler (Purchase on iTunes)

Georgia is so candid and open about standing vigil by her mother’s side in her final days. You feel her pain. Your heart immediately goes out to her. Both her and her aunt's close relationship with her mom make this song so perfect for Georgia's reunion with her aunt. The song captures the sadness and the significance of this moment and time for the family.

Story 3: Catia wants to be as strong as mom
Time To Go by Sara Swenson (Purchase)

This mother / daughter story needed a gentle, beautiful goodbye song. This tune evokes the love and tenderness between these two women and so enhances their sweet farewell.

"Life has its unavoidable moments when we are forced to let go of people we love — the closer we are, the deeper the heartache. When I wrote this song, I was coming to terms with my sweet sister moving around the world, not knowing if she would ever come back, and my aging grandpa facing little time left on earth. These family members I cherished deeply and had spent so many ordinary and extraordinary moments of my life with were suddenly no longer going to be there. No preparation can diminish the magnitude of such emotions. But you realize when these people won't be near for very much longer — the sounds of a laugh or an everyday glance — they suddenly become gems you want to put in a time capsule and remember forever. (Thankfully, my sister has since moved back, but my grandpa passed away during the recording of this album. While the only musical device he ever owned in his life, an AM radio, wouldn't have played this song, he would have said he was proud of his little girl and to come back anytime.)"

Story 4: Mercedes’ perfect day for family
Courage Is Found by AHI (Purchase on iTunes)

AHI is one of my favourites artists and composers in the series. This young woman, Mercedes, was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis yet she exudes so much positivity and love. AHI has written a song that captures Mercedes' inspirational attitude and bravery. It’ll give you goosebumps.

AHI had this to say about the song Courage Is Found:

"Courage Is Found was written during a time in my life when I felt I needed to hear some encouraging words. So I said, 'Why not just write them myself?' People say when the flame dies you can never get that feeling or passion back, but I believe you've got to be the flame. You have to be the passion you want in your life and be the light in dark times. Courage is inside of you waiting to be found and sometimes we simply need someone else to look to us for courage to realize we are indeed courageous."

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