Starting Over: Songs from Hello Goodbye

This week's episode featured stories of transformation from people who had to learn how to start all over again. Hello Goodbye showrunner Mitchell Gabourie gives us some insight into his song choices for this week's episode, "Starting Over."

Story 1: Gail finds the man of her life
Fall In My Loving Arms by Hilary Grist

Gail has such an incredibly compelling love story! After experiencing great loss in her life, she has found true love again. We wanted a tender love song that would be suitable for this amazing couple and their romantic journey and happy ending.

About the song: Hilary Grist said the heart of this song came from something so simple but so beautiful: "This song was inspired by the peaceful feeling of falling asleep in my husband's arms."

Story 2: Gavin always looking out for mom
Take Me Home by Robert Shirley Kelly

So much of this story is about the importance of family. A son who has cared for his visually impaired mother all his life now worries for her future. We were looking for a song that captured those deep emotions and spoke to the true meaning of home.

About the song: "I was visiting friends in Galway, Ireland, sitting by the sea, when I wrote this song! I was in a relationship at the time that was constantly becoming more and more impossible, and the song was a sort of a declaration of hope that we would make it through." - Robert Kelly

Story 3: Fabiola loves to dance with dad
Love Can by Liam Titcomb

Fabiola’s story really deserves a giant celebratory song. After reconciling with her father rather late in her life, her dad is now travelling across the world to visit her for the first time in Canada. We needed a song that spoke to the resilience of relationships and how “Love Can” heal and ultimately overcome. The groove in this song can’t help but put a smile on your face!

About the song: "I wrote Love Can with the uber-talented Andy Stochanksy. The root of the idea came after watching a montage of anger, violence and unrest on the news," says songwriter Liam Titcomb. "I've always hoped that this song could shine some light on the need and power of love in our lives."

Story 4: Cody Caldwell
Forever Starts Today by Tim Halperin

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Cody’s triumphant story begs for a tune that could accompany a epic victory lap. “Forever Starts Today” is that song. It is super-positive, anthemic classic that makes you want to get up and cheer. This song is perfect because it speaks to the entire notion that every day is truly a new day.

Halperin says he wrote this song after proposing to his girlfriend Kylie. “There's a wonderful newness and hope at the beginning of a season of life. I wanted to capture that feeling with this song.”

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