“Second Chances” - The Songs of Hello Goodbye, Ep. 6

This week's episode of Hello Goodbye features stories of people who have been offered a second chance in an important relationship. And each of these songs — by some incredibly talented Canadian artists — captures the essense of gratitude for the gift of love, and hope for a better future. 

We loved Folly & The Hunter earlier this season, and their ethereal gem “Don’t Lose That Light.” This week, the Montreal-based band scores the celebratory proposal of Jay and Tasha with the song “Travelling.”

Never thought I’d find
what I was looking for
Such a simple solace
In someone I adore


Justin knows he doesn’t have much of a chance of winning his ex-fiancée back, but he’s going to try anyway. Good thing New Brunswick’s Andy Brown wrote a song that seems custom-made to his story with “’Til The World Ends."

Should I have given up?
I thought I’d lost you again…
But I know I’ve found a love that isn’t gonna end.
‘Cause I fell in love with you,
The moment we met.
I knew that you’d be my everything, and my best friend.

This week, siblings George & Moira come together for mutual support after the deaths of their respective spouses. Their story features a song by Canadian folk-pop duo Fortunate Ones, who penned “Oaks and Willows” after the funeral of a close family member.

According to their website, the inspiration came during the church service, where the mourners were divided in two halves: “Family on one side, friends of family on the other. The friends were quite stoic and reserved while the family on the other side was visibly upset. The juxtaposition of the two sides was quite striking and conjured images of the strong and immovable oak versus the malleable and movable willow.”

Toronto-Based Matthew Barber’s song ““Hold Me” is a gorgeous fit for Nenita, the story of a mother who missed her daughter’s childhood in the Philippines in order to support her family, but is finally being reunited with the opportunity to help raise her grandson.

How can so much joy
be tied up with so much regret
brighter days are yet to come
though she cannot see them yet

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