P.S. I love you: Songs from Hello Goodbye

This week’s episode was all about impossible but enduring love stories and the people who made life-changing connections.
Mitchell Gabourie, Hello Goodbye’s showrunner, shares the reasons he chose each song, as well as some insight from the musicians themselves.

Shaun meets Lauren for the first time
Four Walls by Irish Mythen (Purchase on iTunes)

Shaun’s love story is pretty remarkable. His online relationship saved his life. And once we knew that this is the first time he and his girlfriend have ever met in person we couldn’t wait for her to come out of those arrival doors. We needed a song that captured their romance but also how meaningful this greeting really is to the two of them.

Irish Mythen had this to say about Four Walls:

"Four Walls was written whilst we as a couple were going through a big health issue. After we came out the other side, I realized that as long as the person and people you love are happy and healthy then all you need is a little money in the bank, to be able to take time for yourselves and the four walls around you to keep that roof over your head."

Christine’s excited to see Stephen again
Morning Joy By Sugar and The Hi-Lows (Purchase on iTunes)

Christina's husband past away 16 years ago leaving her to raise four kids on her own. The kids have grown up now and recently she fell in love. This song is a throwback to the sweetheart songs of motown. The essence of the tune is "love & happiness”.

Sugar and The Hi-Lows had this to say about Morning Joy:

"Morning Joy, was one of the first songs we wrote for our latest album release ‘High Roller’. We wanted to capture the feeling that you get from hearing ‘Oh Girl’ by The Chi-lites or ‘My Girl’ by the Temptations. It is a love song of course, that hopefully captures the feeling of contentment and utter joy of waking up to the person you love. We recorded it in Nashville, TN at a studio near the Cumberland River with our touring  band in just a couple of takes."

Brenda welcomes her husband and step-son to Canada
Coming Back To Me by Samantha Watt (Purchase on iTunes)

Brenda and her husband have sustained a long distance relationship as he works for the United Nations as a security officer in many war torn countries and hot spots around the globe. After recently surviving an attack on his camp Brenda’s husband has finally come home and this song expresses her longing to have him in her arms again.

The songwriter had this to say about Coming Back:

"The song is actually based on a trilogy of original lyrics that I wrote about someone I fell in love with. In many ways, the song reflected the situation at the time. It was about loving someone, who was far away, drifting out of reach, but never out of mind. The original titles, “Close To You”, “The Silence And The Thunder” and “Let Me Be” were presented to artist Samantha Watt to collaborate on when we met. The evolution of the song was there. Through a collaboration with Nick Skalkos and Jake Marken and the final production by Ian Smith, the end result of a love unfulfilled, became “Coming Back To Me”." Erik Marken, co-writer, “Coming Back To Me” by Samantha Watt.

Mary and Lionel say a bittersweet farewell
Won’t Let You You Down by Alyse Black (Purchase on iTunes)

This poignant scene with this young lovers is so honest and genuine that I needed a soulful song that left us with the feeling that their love will survive and they won’t let one another down. The song is such a powerful R&B anthem to the power of love and dovetails so beautifully with this touching goodbye scene.

Alyse Black had this to say about Won’t Let You Down:

"Won't Let You Down was written for my 5-year old, Scarlett, and 3-year-old, Elliot. I woke in the middle of the night sobbing, feeling like I had been a bad momma that day. I left my husband and bed and went driving - ran errands actually. Crying the whole way and feeling this huge surge of determination to be an incredible momma for these precious souls that trust me implicitly; Mini humans that have been entrusted to my care. I got back home and wrote the song in one sitting — no longer crying. Then I slept great and woke to hugs and kisses from those precious little humans."

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