Never Too Late: Songs from Hello Goodbye

What was that song, you ask? All the songs from this episode, which dealt with courage and second chances, can be found below accompained by bonus explanations from showrunner, Mitchell Gabourie, as to why he matched each song to each moment. 

Story 1 — Anna’s second chance at love
I Get To Love You by Ruelle

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Anna’s story is a rebirth. Stuck in an unhappy marriage for over a decade, she finally left the relationship and found the love of her life. With Anna’s story, we wanted a song that captured the true love she feels for her helicopter pilot (returning from fighting fires in Fort McMurray). Ruelle, the songwriter, cites a similar experience as the inspiration behind the song. After leaving her ex, she also thought, like Anna, that true love was for bygone days. Then she met her husband and realized her greatest disappointment led to her greatest gain. As the chorus, a pure celebration of love, swells, we’re whisked away, as if on an invisible magic carpet, as Anna romantically runs up the ramp in the arrivals lounge to greet her man and hug him.

Story 2 — Claude, Sidney and Jessica bid adieu
Write You A Letter by Cub Sport

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Sidney and Jessica discovered the importance of family following their dad, Claude’s, health scare. In the face of this crisis, they began to appreciate each other and realized how precious family time was. With Sidney going off to school, the brother and sister duo take in how much they’ll miss each other. AThe fun—loving song about missing someone who still always remains in our thoughts expressed the bittersweet emotions of saying “bye for now” to a beloved sibling. 
About this song: According to Cub Sport vocalist and songwriter Tim Nelson, the song wasn’t written for a particular person, but with a feeling in mind.

Story 3 — Michelle on the day she became herself
Brave by Kevin Daniel

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“Brave” is one of my favorite songs in Hello Goodbye Season Two. It’s really a anthem about being true to yourself and standing up to the forces against you — a theme that exemplifies Michelle’s story. We found her story so incredibly heroic; Michelle’s harrowing story personifies the notion of being brave — she sacrificed everything to finally truly be herself.
About this song: When Kevin Daniel penned the song in 2013 as an ode to his father’s battle with and survival of cancer, he didn’t expect for it to resonate the way it did. “My inbox was flooded with messages from people telling me how the song was helping them to cope with their situation.” 

Story 4 — Vick reconciles with his daughter after 19 years
My World Again by James Cramer

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We needed a song that captured the sense of regret but also love and forgiveness. Because Vick didn’t speak to his daughter for 19 years, he’s missed much of her life, including his grandchildren. As he reminisced on his fondest memories with his daughter, we got a sense of how much this estrangement affected his life.
About this song: Written by James Cramer to reflect the loss and confusion of those left behind, amid a spate of gangland murders in Dublin City, also captures Vick’s powerful sense of longing and fragility.

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