Never Surrender: Songs from Hello Goodbye

This week's episode featured stories of people with a surprising inner strength for whom giving up is never an option. Hello Goodbye showrunner Mitchell Gabourie gives us some insight into his song choices for the episode "Never Surrender."

Story 1: Jaspal welcomes mom to Canada
Worlds Apart by Joshua Radin (Purchase song on iTunes)



Jaspal’s inspirational story is one of renewal after overcoming tragedy. We were searching for a song that captured this incredible sense of rebirth. Worlds Apart by Joshua Radin is so perfect for the moment when Jaspal introduces her newborn child to her mother for the first time.

Story 2: Lawrence overcomes PTSD with family support
Bow and Arrow by Reuben and The Dark (Purchase album)


Lawrence has overcome huge challenges in his life, with his family standing by his side the entire way. He's travelling for the very first time on his own after coping with years of PTSD from his military service. We wanted a song that speaks to the optimism of this incredible step forward in Lawrence’s journey. Bow and Arrow by Reuben and The Dark evokes the right sense of a "new horizon" in Lawrence's journey to recovery.

Story 3: As Juan fights, he thinks of mom
With You I'm Home by Jake Etheridge

Juan left his family back in Venezuela when he immigrated to Canada. Juan speaks so eloquently about how much his mother means to him and how he misses her, after being separate for years. With You I'm Home by Jake Etheridge speaks to the meaning of home and possesses a wonderful feeling of love and warmth. The tune is fantastic for Juan’s reunion with the most important person in his life — his mama.

Here's what Jake Etheridge had to say about his song, With You I'm Home:

I co-wrote this song with a great friend of mine, Mikey Reaves. At the time he was about to be married a few weeks from the write and the song was sort of written with that in mind. “Take my hand, i’m yours to keep” talking about his future wedding!

Story 4: Ara and his family fight for safety
I Don’t Have the Answers by We Are Messengers (Purchase album on iTunes)


This story of the love and respect shared between two brothers is one of my favourites of the entire series. Ara endured such hardship with his brother in getting out of war-torn Iraq and then helping his entire family immigrate to Canada. They built an auto mechanics shop together here, and then, tragically, his brother was struck down with ALS in his forties. The title of this song says it all. “I Don’t Have The Answers” is a powerful requiem, a painful confession, a honest shout out to the gods yet it truly honours Ara's brother and the love they share.

Here's what Darren Mulligan of We Are Messengers had to say about their song, I Don't Have the Answers:

As a father, husband and son, I want to fix everybody's hurt, but most of the time I don’t know how. So my co-writer, Josh Bronleewe, and I sat in the studio and talked about different situations in our lives and this song came out in 15 minutes. And what it says, is when someone is hurting, my responsibility is not to put a sticky plaster on the wound. My responsibility is to stay with them and to hold their hand and when they doubt, to have faith for them.

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