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“Missing You” - The Songs of Hello Goodbye Ep. 9

In “Missing You” we hear stories being apart and the yearning to be reunited. These stories, and the songs that score them in this week’s episode, remind us that the memories we have with those we love are our life’s treasures.

Story 1: “You Remind Me”

Uzma met her husband through an arranged marriage that evolved into a great love after almost two decades together. When she waits at the airport for him to return from a trip — their first time apart in 18 years — she could barely contain her excitement. “My heart is pounding,” she says.

“You Remind Me” by Andy Shauf speaks to how the people we love can spark our excitement for life.

You remind me of everything I love
Yeah, you remind me of everything I love
The straw underneath this blanket
And the stars that catch your eyes
And the moment where you are closer by my side

Story 2: “Lost and Found”

Rhonda’s brother was shot and killed while leaving a friend’s weekend barbeque. In this tragic time, Rhonda focuses on remembering the loving things her brother said to her before he passed and how he was a great father to his children.

Lost and Found” by Kim Taylor speaks to honouring a lost loved one by cherishing who they were and the impact they had on our lives.

I've been lost and I've found
That when you get lost
You don't look down
But you look above
Yeah you look ahead
And you raise your hands
To the sky instead

Story 3: “Wherever You Are”

Os realizes how much he’ll miss his daughter when he sends her off to university in the fall. “My little girl’s growing up,” he says. “I feel like I’m going to lose my little girl.” But he knows both of his children know that he’ll be there whenever they need him.

Wherever You Are” by Anthony Mossburg taps into the powerful kind of love that transcends distance.

Wherever you go
I just want you to know
That my heart my heart
My heart
My heart is yours

Story 3: “All The Way”

Claire is coping with the loss of her father without her brother who has decided to move away to Scotland. It’s a tough time for their family, but Claire feels accomplished knowing she carried out her father’s dying wish: reuniting him with his son before he passed.

All The Way” by Emma-Lee speaks to holding onto the memories and feelings we have for those no longer in our lives.

I got a picture of your face
You were always smiling
Somethings you can’t erase
And if we had another day
I still wouldn’t say goodbye
I could only close my eyes
And hold on tight

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