Lost and Found: The songs from Hello Goodbye

What song was playing during that story I loved? It's one of the most frequently-asked questions from our viewers, and it makes our showrunner, Mitchell Gabourie, so happy. He lovingly selects the songs for each episode, and searches for the best musical fit for each storyline. In this first music blog of Season 2, he describes what makes each song such a perfect fit.

Story 1 - Linda & Cliff

Please Don’t Go by Stephanie Rainey

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This scene really begged for a strong goodbye song loaded with raw emotion. This father and daughter have been just recently reunited, spend some precious time together and now have to say goodbye. They may never see each other ever again. This may be their final goodbye. We wanted to support the honest-to-goodness emotion of their last hug and final words. The song captures the essence of this profound goodbye.

Story 2 - Christine

Right Where I Wanna Be by Von Bonneville



This song needed to be an upbeat and positive love song. Something that captured the inspirational nature of Christine and her beautifully positive perspective on life.

Story 3 - Kelly & Nicola

Be There by Andrew Simple

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We needed a song that could capture the essence of the remarkable relationship between these three people.but also serve as a legacy song for Nicola’s brother who died tragically. This song possessed the warmth and sense that these relationships will last and survive her brother’s untimely death.

Story 4 - Karangwa

Running by James Bay

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I heard this song one morning eating breakfast. It is from James Bay’s first album (his second album is a huge hit currently) and captured the amazing raw emotion of Karangwa’s story. The simplicity of the production of the song and the purity of the opening lyrics gave me goosebumps — painfully honest, like a confession. We chased the song down and I was so excited when we got it. It is so perfect for this emotional reunion between two long, lost brothers and speaks to Karangwa’s journey. The song had to resonate as powerfully as Karangwa’s telling of his harrowing story and "Running" does exactly that.

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