Lean On Me: Songs from Hello Goodbye

This week's episode featured stories of people who found strength through the love and support of their friends and family when they needed it most. Hello Goodbye showrunner Mitchell Gabourie gives us some insight into his song choices for the episode "Lean On Me."

Story 1: Phillipe and Jason remain teammates
Goodbye Blues by Evan Philips (Purchase song)

Our song needed to be as unique and affable as the two best friends who appear in this story. We wanted a song that offered a warm, fun vibe to the touching goodbye between these two special guys. Since they met playing junior hockey and their friendship lasted decades, the Stompin' Tom Connors folksy feel to Goodbye Blues seemed perfect for their personalities and the strength of their unique bond.

Here's what Evan Phillips had to say about his song Goodbye Blues:

"I wrote this song while I was touring the U.S. with my band in 2008. I was in Joshua Tree, California having a cup of coffee watching the desert sun illuminate the golden rocks around me. I was feeling homesick (from Alaska), missing my daughter and thinking about all the things I'd want to tell her as she grew up. Goodbye Blues is what came out that morning. It's probably my favorite song I've ever written.

Story 2: Rachel saves ex-boyfriend's life through friendship
Won’t Forget You by Shelly Fraley (Purchase song on iTunes)

Rachel’s story of breaking up with a former boyfriend but saving his life by helping him kick his drug habit is so remarkable, we needed a song that spoke to the significance of that compassion and love. Won’t Forget You is a song that seems as if it was written for Rachel’s story. It speaks to the the importance of people who become part of the the fabric of our lives.

Here's what Shelly Fraley had to say about her song Won't Forget You:

"The song comes from the 'Hush' album, which was inspired by secrets fans submitted through my website. This particular song was inspired by secrets from two fans, one who had lost a friend due to a falling out and one who had two friends pass away. Both felt lonely, one saying they felt they had no one left. I wanted to put a positive spin on it. I know how unbearably painful it can be to lose someone close to you. I know the pain does eventually ease. But I also know you never forget that person or the memories you had with them. So the idea of making it more about not forgetting someone seemed appropriate."

Story 4: Reema making the best of mom's treatment
Love Will Make Me Stay by Butterly Boucher

This song may seem as if it is a counter-intuitive choice for this story but it is bang on. The chorus “Love will make me stay” communicates the subtext and intense feelings of the scene. The significant challenges this family has overcome by pulling together is so admirable and this tune amplifies the sense of longing they feel when they are apart. The song dovetails so beautifully with this goodbye scene which I defy anyone to sit through without shedding a few tears.

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