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“Honour the Past” - The Songs of Hello Goodbye Ep. 4

Our fourth episode of Hello Goodbye was all about honouring the past and learning to persevere after losing those dearest to us.

Montreal’s Folly & The Hunter capture that complex and beautiful sentiment perfectly with their song "Lose That Light."

Jason lost his wife six years ago, and now he’s raising their sons on his own, taking them on a trip around the world in her honour.


“You can mourn but don’t let it take you out,
even if it gets hard. Even if it gets hard.
Even if it gets hard, don't lose that light.”

There are so many beautiful tracks in this episode. The full list is below.


  • Nichelle’s story: “Holding On” – Written by Jonathan Stimson and Dan Romer and Performed by Johnny Stimson
  • Pauline’s story: “Fly Away” – Written by Allen Kozak, David Swirsky, and Dov Rosenblatat. Performed by Distant Cousins.
  • Whitney and Jessica’s Story:  “Coming For You” – Written and Performed by Amelia Curran
  • Jason and sons’ story: “Lose That Light” – Written by Phil Creamer, Christopher Fox, Laurie Torres, Nicholaas Vallee and Performed by Folly & The Hunter
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