“Hard Choices” - The Songs of Hello Goodbye Ep. 3

In our third episode of "Hello Goodbye" we meet people who have had to make the painful choice to lead their lives apart from everyone and everything they know and love. The songs of this episode speak to perseverance in the face of this difficulty and the strength inherent in striking your own path.

In our first story, we are introduced to Kanchana and Achala, doctors from Sri Lanka who left their medical careers and family in Sri Lanka and started from scratch in Canada. The song for their story is “Driving A Dream,” performed by Canadian singer-songwriter Peter Katz, and written by Katz, Royal Wood and Bill Lefler.

"We were looking for song that spoke to the struggle our couple had experienced in pursuing their dream to give their children a better life in Canada," says Hello Goodbye showrunner Mitchell Gabourie. "Driving a Dream evoked a sense of triumph and overcoming adversity."

Other songs from this episode:
“Survival” – Written and Performed by Elliot Maginot
“Be Still My Heart” – Written and Performed by Peter Bradley Adams
“Shine” – Written and Performed by Hannah Georgas

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