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Fun In-Flight Activities to Distract and Delight Active Kids

No matter how well behaved your kids are, keeping mini mile-a-minute minds occupied during a full day of full-on air travel is challenging. There’s the constant lining up at baggage drop-off areas, security checkpoints and boarding gates, not to mention many consecutive hours of sitting still, all of which lead to twitchy temperaments and itchy feet. Here are five flight-friendly activities, accessories and toys perfect for packing to pass the time.


Trunki Bernard Bee Case

trunki bernard bee case
Bernard Bee — there’s also a tiger, ladybug and cow — is an adorable little wheeled suitcase also doubles up as a wagon, making it an ideal travelling tote/toy/transport for kids three years old and up. There’s plenty of room in this 18L cabin-sized hard case for clothes, bedtime books, stuffed animals and anything else your newly minted explorer needs for adventuring. Plus, when little legs get tired from trudging from one terminal to another, take a load off and hop on Bernard’s back for a parent-powered ride. (Trunki Bernard Bee Case, $69.99,

Jemma Jewel Kids Travel Kit

Jemma jewel
Pull out this jam-packed pack mid flight, just when the excitement of being onboard an airplane begins to wane, and become your kids’ activity-wielding hero. Available in two different colours (blue and green or pink) and for two different age groups (3-6 years old or 7-9 years old), this eco-friendly kit comes with stickers, puppets, drawing activities, art projects and travel journals designed to engage young minds mid flight…or anytime, really. (Jemma Jewel Kids Travel Kit, $56,

Kids Binoculars

Kids Binoculars
Up the ante when playing “I Spy” with a pair of bug-themed binoculars designed for little hands, big eyes and curious minds. Get up close and personal with landing airplanes, gas trucks and the plethora of international passengers charging around the airport. Not only fun for those in-transit times but also handy to have on hand once you’ve reached your destination. (Blancho Kids Binoculars, $44,

This Book Stinks Travel Journal

Family holidays are the perfect time to ignite a love of writing and scrapbooking in your globetrotting rapscallion. Created for kids between the ages of eight and 12 years old by British author and broadcaster E. B. Clarke, this wacky activity book is filled with treasure-hunting tasks and memory-making worksheets. Designed to engage explorers with their new destination, parents may want to pick a copy for themselves too. (This Book Stinks: A Travel Journal for Daring Explorers, $21.95,

Timberland Creatures

timberland creatures
Having to leave behind a bedroom full of friends (i.e. well-loved stuffed animals and beloved dolls) can be a hard thing for little hearts to handle. Brighten their day with the promise of a whole forest-full of critters to call their own. Made from thick, sturdy cardboard, pop out the punch-out pieces in between take-off and landing and put together this 3D puzzle for oodles of make-believe woodsy fun. (Timberland Creatures Woodland World, $28,

Armed with an arsenal of trusty time-fillers and fun activities, travelling with kids is going to be a cinch, right? Well, maybe not, but now at least there’s the potential of it being a little quieter and controlled.

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