“First and Lasts” - The Songs of Hello Goodbye Ep. 5

This week’s episode “Firsts and Lasts” features stories of people embarking on their first adventures and others hoping for last chance to set something right in their relationships.

And the music of this episode spans the mood of these stories, from bittersweet to celebratory.

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Royal Wood captures the regrets and hopes for a challenging relationship in his deceptively simple song “Will We Ever Learn”:


Will we ever learn?
It all but breaks us
Will we ever learn?
When it forsakes us
Will you ever say?
How much you love me

Nicole and Sharon’s story: “New Day Dawning” – Written by Matthew Perryman Jones and Timothy Lauer and Performed by Matthew Perryman Jones

Mirela’s story: “Will We Ever Learn” – Written and Performed by Royal Wood

Sean’s story: “Only Human” – Written and Performed by Austin Plaine

Hamza's Story: “Let Love Find A Way” – Written by Lucy Schwartz and John Hanson

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