Family Ties: Songs from Hello Goodbye

This episode was all about the ties that bind families together, and keeps them bonded through the tough times. Below you’ll find the full list of songs used in this episode as well as showrunner, Mitchell Gabourie’s reason behind each choice.

Story 1 - Breska eagerly awaits her husband’s arrival from Afghanistan
Hello by Jay Scott

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This song is so perfect for Breska who, with her family, escaped the Taliban in Afghanistan and came to Canada as refugees. Now she's waiting for her husband to arrive from Afghanistan so they can start their new life together. We looked for a song that was upbeat and hopeful. “Hello” is both an anthem and a celebration, a song that enhances the moment in which Breska and all her family take turns greeting her husband with a giant hug.

About the song: Jay Scott, the singer, also felt a little longing when he composed the song. “It was written about wanting to wake up next to a girl I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and it all started from the words hello,” he says. 

Story 2 - "Never leave me again."
Til The World Stops Turning (Acoustic) by Kaleb Jones

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This adorable father and daughter had their relationship tested when Cassidy discovered she was pregnant as a teenager. But her dad stepped up and stood by his daughter. You can tell how much they value their family now. "Til The World Stops Turning” is a beautiful, simple track and an amazing declaration of love that totally elevates this scene of this family’s reunion.

Story 3 - Saying goodbye together
Let Me Help by Kylie Rothfield

Sandra is waiting for her cousin who has travelled from Israel for a final visit with Sandra's terminally ill mother before she passes. The minute I heard “Let Me Help” I knew it would capture the lovely intimacy of Sandra’s story, but also the vocals of the track possess a haunting quality which evoke the real sadness of this moment in Sandra’s life.

About the song: Kylie is on The Voice right now! Here she is belting it out: 


Story 4 - Natasha leaves her adopted family to find her home
Wish You Well by Suzanna Choffell

With its simple instrumental and vocals, “Wish You Well” stirs up all the feelings of a hard, painful goodbye and captures the essence of this mother wishing her daughter a wonderful life full of love and adventure. The song lends such a power to the scene, I have a hard time not choking up each and every time I watch it.

About the song: Suzanna wrote it as she was leaving Austin to move to New York. For her, it symbolizes the bittersweet nature of leaving one home in search of another. “To this day when I hear the song or sing it, it brings back a flood of memories of my emotions during that time in my life — going on a big adventure with someone I was still getting to know and falling in love with,” she says.



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