Always on My Mind: Songs from Hello Goodbye

This week's episode featured stories of loved ones — no matter how far they are or how much time passes — creating an indelible impact on our lives. Hello Goodbye showrunner Mitchell Gabourie gives us some insight into his song choices for this week's episode, "Always on My Mind."

Story 1: "Today will be the first time I see her pregnant"
Song: In My Arms by Marie Hines

Juan Pablo's greeting is so special. This is the first time he has seen his wife since she became pregnant. His wife needed to stay on in Colombia after a vacation because of life threatening medical issues. We needed a gentle, life affirming love song that evoked the intense emotion of this beautiful reunion.

Story 2: Brothers and best friends forever
Song: You're My Best Friend by Andrew Simple

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We needed a song for this scene between these two very close Scottish brothers that would play well with the humor, intimacy and intensity of their incredible greeting. This tune captures the pure fun and shenanigans between these two amazing brothers.

Story 3: Long-lost high school sweethearts reunite after 24 years
Song: You and Me (Acoustic) by Ria Mae

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This is such an awesome song. So beautifully written yet such a heart wrenching expression of love. We were looking for a piece of music for Donna that was fitting for her incredible sense of longing and unrequited love — that says that while past relationships did not work out, she was willing to risk it all for her long, lost, first love.

About this song (Via Ria Mae): "'You and Me' was and written and recorded in my living room one evening, the final song of the album. It is the first (and only) demo recorded of this song." 

Story 4: Missing dad for all the big moments
Song: All I'll Ever Need by Ruut

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There is such a lovely, sweet elegance to this song which is makes it so appropriate for this goodbye between mother and daughter. The expression of intimacy and love dovetails perfectly with this sweet farewell. 

About this song (via Ruut): "I wrote this song in the middle of winter, looking out to the woods in my backyard, where my kids were playing outside in the snow. It was a deep realization of the passage of time...how quickly life is going by, and what it will all amount to in the end. I remember thinking, 'the love I experience in my lifetime is the only thing I will be able to bring with me.' It has served as a reminder to be more generous with my love, and to really live each day, and not just survive. To consider the people and gifts I’ve been given, and really celebrate them."

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