Airport Proposals: What You Need To Know


After their epic public proposal on Hello Goodbye (Friday 8:30 PM / 9NT), Jay and Tasha share valuable tips on getting engaged at the airport.

Jay says if you're getting down on one knee at the gate, you should:

  1. Be prepared with your words
  2. Have signage (to make sure your partner spots you when they come through the jetway)
  3. Have a camera crew (or at least a friend who'll snap some shots of your beautiful moment)
  4. Have a ring
  5. Be sure the love of your life will say yes

Tasha also offered some tips if you're the one being proposed to at a public airport:

  1. Try to keep your shoes on (you'll be surprised how those things can go rogue in the heat of the moment)
  2. Make sure you breathe (Tasha demonstrates this well in the video above)
  3. Smile (for that camera crew your partner arranged)
  4. Say yes

Watch Tasha and Jay's full proposal on Hello Goodbye this Friday (8 p.m. / 9 NT) on CBC.

Video: Airport Proposals: What You Need To Know