Against All Odds: Songs from Hello Goodbye

This week's episode featured stories of people who realized their dreams in the face of harship and devastation. It makes sense, then, that all the music telegraphs their spirits of triumph and determination. Hello Goodbye showrunner Mitchell Gabourie gives us some insight into his song choices for this week's episode, "Against All Odds."

“I look forward to being his mom”
Rise Up by No Sinner

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Antoinette's story at its core is a story of survival and determination. She put her own life at risk in order to have a child of her own at 50 ,so it’s fitting that "Rise Up" is a soulful anthem to courage and strength and the fruits it brings us.


Gloria, Andrea and Dierdre share a twin moment before saying goodbye
Stars by Marie Hines

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This story is a true testament to the fact that family is family, and it is never too late to connect with family, regardless of the circumstances.Two sets of twins from the same mother, reunited as adults. It's a story stranger than fiction, but so full of real love and connection.
About this song: Marie Hines wrote this song for her husband “[He] was on a long European tour and I was missing him particularly badly. I started thinking about how lucky I was that I had found someone who, even when we were an ocean apart, made me feel safe and grounded and loved. He is the constant that I can orient myself around, he’s my true north. So this one’s for him.”


Learning to walk again
Keep You Safe by JJ Heller

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Despite Dave’s incapacitating injury and all he has been through, he and his family will never give up. This song speaks to his desire to both protect his daughter and make her proud.
About the song: JJ Heller wrote this lullabye with his future kids in mind: “This song was written before we even had children. If we had kids in the future, I knew they would need to be comforted in the middle of the night after having a nightmare, so we spent some time thinking about what we would say to bring peace to their troubled hearts.”


Zaid and Qays can’t wait for their full house to get even fuller
This Feels Like Home by Michael Logen

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This song, by capturing the celebration of family and love, perfectly underscores Zaid and Qays' incredible journey of survival and quest to begin a new life in Canada. You can’t help but smile as these brothers run up the arrival ramp to greet their sister for the first time on Canadian soil.

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