6 great travel gifts for under $20

The wanderlust in your life may seem like the most experienced globetrotter, but you can always help make their next trip a little bit easier and more comfortable. These stocking stuffers are perfect for anyone who loves travelling, and they won’t bust your budget!

1. Passport covers / travel document holder

Passport cover / travel document holder(Photo credit: TwoPolkaDots / and

Even frequent flyers get flustered with handling numerous travel documents at the airport. Dressing up a passport with a colourful or distinct cover makes it easy to spot when fishing for it in a bag. You could also opt for a taller version that comfortably holds a passport, boarding pass, vouchers, and more, in one slim design.
Buy: Pink Flamingos Passport Cover, $6.76,
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2. Collapsible water bottles

Bubi Bottle(Photo credit:

Bringing an empty water bottle to fill up once you’ve passed airport security is a veteran travel trick. But a collapsible version could be a game changer, especially if it’s a multifunctional one like a Bubi Bottle. This silicone bottle can be used for cold or hot drinks, as a hot or cold compress, as a waterproof pouch for your phone, and more. Bonus: these bottles are BPA-free, microwavable, and dishwasher safe.
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3. Luggage scale

Luggage scale(Photo credit: Samsonite/

Don’t you love when your friends and family come back from a trip with cool souvenirs from a foreign land? How thoughtful of them to consider the extra space in their suitcase for you. Help take the guesswork out of their packing with a manual luggage scale. This battery-free, compact accessory helps avoid surprise overweight fees when checking in bags at the airport.
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4. Jet lag travel spray

Saje Jet Lag travel spray(Photo credit:

Whether arriving at your destination, or getting back home, the jet lag struggle is real. A few spritzes of this balancing mist can help “reduce drowsiness and fatigue while increasing alertness, no matter what timezone you're in.” Plus, it’s an all-natural blend of essential oils that works well as a body mist or a room spray.
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5. Memory foam travel pillow

Memory foam travel pillow(Photo credit:

Not all travel pillows are the same, so if you really want to treat someone to comfortable airplane-seat slumbers, opt for a memory foam U-neck pillow. Unlike travel pillows with a synthetic plush or bean filling, memory foam provides better neck support. This one comes in three colours and includes a snap button for easy suitcase attachment.
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6. Reusable twist ties

Nite Ize Gear Tire Reusable Rubber Twist-Tie(Photo credit: Nite Ize / YouTube)

These reusable rubber twist ties boast an impressive array of uses, from securing camping gear to keeping earphones from getting tangled. They come in an assortment of lengths and colours to help organize and mend your stuff. Perfect for the outdoorsy backpacker in your life.
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