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5 Suitcase Accessories Worth Considering

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Adding accessories to your suitcase make traipsing across airport terminals more tolerable is a smart move. From the basic to the brilliant, these case accoutrements are here to help.

1. Luggage Scale

luggage scale

When the day set out before you has many moving parts, it’s important to feel prepared before even stepping foot inside the airport. Find out your airline’s weight allowance and put a luggage scale to use at home, that way there are no surprises — or overweight luggage fees to pay — when you check in your bags. And opt for a manual scale — they don’t rely on batteries to work, just the ever-present power of gravity. (Samsonite Manual Luggage Scale, $15,

2. Luggage Lock

luggage lock

To some using a zipper lock may seem like overkill but you’ll only think that way if you’ve never experienced the sight of a wide-open or tampered-with suitcase. Using a TSA-approved three-digit combo mechanism, this small investment can give you huge peace of mind. (Maple Leaf Travel TSA Approved 3 Dial Combo Lock, $13.99,

3. Bag Bungee

bag bungee

A travel bungee system is a simple and effective way to strap two bags together while in transit, leaving hands free to fish out passports, pay for a Starbucks order or carry a tired child. Clip it to a bag handle and cinch in purses, jackets, and briefcases or, if you’re coming from the East Coast, maybe even a cooler of live lobsters. (Travelon Bag Bungee, $17,

4. Packing Organizers

clothing organizer luggage

Keeping everything neat and tidy inside a suitcase is just as important as the outside. Packing precious cargo into individual organizers means you can pull out exactly what you need when you need it without having to rummage around or unpack your carryon bag every time you need to a computer cord or a fresh pair of socks. (Tip: Put aside one for dirty laundry so stinky socks are keep separate from your clean clothes.) (OnSight Clothes Box, $12-$15.50,

5. Unique Luggage Tags

Not only will a colourful luggage tag be helpful when trying to identify your black wheeled case in a sea of black wheeled cases spinning around the carousel, but also if you opt for a silly set like this one your whole family can be in on the fun. (The dancing moose is a particular favourite.) (Maple Leaf Novelty Canadian Luggage ID Tag, $4.99,

Before you beeline it to the airport, consider adding these suitcase accessories to your must-pack list. Each one is designed to help make your journey go that much smoother, and who doesn’t want that? Safe travels!