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5 Great Greeting Gifts to Give Arriving Guests

When you're waiting at the airport arrival gate, having something on hand to present to friends and family at the arrivals gate makes that long-awaited “Hello!” that much sweeter. Here are five suggestions for fun, thoughtful gifts that’ll make their stay go that much smoother.

1. Balloon Bouquet

baloon bouquet

Flowers are festive but the last thing an airport-weary flyer wants is another thing to worry about. Skip the hassle of finding a vase and water, and head to the balloon store instead. A colourful bunch of helium-filled balloons will remind your guests throughout their stay of the great greeting they received and help them find you in the waiting crowd a lot quicker.
Red Heart Balloons, $3.49,

2. Public Transit Pass

Presto Card

A transit pass isn’t the prettiest of presents but it’s certainly the most practical one. Foreign public-transit systems can be a huge source of stress to visitors. Hand them a pre-paid pass for your city’s transit, along with a quick tutorial and a map, and they’ll be good to go out on their own and explore. 

3. Water Canteen

Air travel more often than not leads to dehydration, no matter how diligent you are. Help your guests get back on track with their water intake with a pre-filled refillable water canteen. Look for a bottle branded with something iconic from your hometown, such as the CN Tower or the Rocky Mountains, so it can also be their first take-home souvenir.
Twenty Four Seven Mountain Water Bottle, $32,

4. Discount Visitors Booklets

You can’t hand your guests the keys to the city but you can give them the next best thing: discounts on your city’s top attractions. Many tourism boards and business associations sell coupon-filled booklets stuffed with handy half-price entrance fees and reduced rates. CityPASS also prints rebate booklets for North America’s most popular destinations—including Toronto.
Toronto CityPASS, $64,

5. Seasonal Accessories
blue jays toque

Remember, your guests may not be used to the local temperatures or be prepared for sudden, unexpected weather fronts. Provided them with accessories that’ll help them face whatever’s outside the airport doors: a travel umbrella for rain, a cap for unseasonable heat, or a scarf if the temperatures have plummeted overnight.
Roaring Fan Knit Toque by New Era , $35.99,

No matter which items you decided are the best bets for your long-travelling friends or family, the thing they’re most excited to see is your smiling face — and that doesn’t cost a cent.


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