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10 Apps Designed to Help Your Trip Go Smoothly

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Download the right combo of apps and you instantly have a concierge, a travel agent, an airline worker and a taxi driver sitting right there in your pocket. Each one of the smartphone apps are designed to take care of the minutiae of travelling so you can relax and enjoy the destination you’ve worked so hard to get to.

1. TripCase (free, iTunes

If you’re heading to the airport with multiple flights and must-arrive-on-time meet-ups ahead of you, rely on TripCase to keep track of everything you need to keep your trip on track. Whether you’re getting up-to-the-minute gate changes from your airline or ordering an Uber to the airport, this handy app scheduler organizes all your comings and goings in one place so you don’t have to move from one app to another. Plus, it saves your itineraries so you can share them with family members or colleagues. (Watch the video demo here)

2. Spotted by Locals (free + $4.59 per city guide, iTunes
Have you ever visited a popular city, looked around and thought, “But where are the people who actually live here?” Spotted by Locals is a travel app designed to answer that question, with over 62 city guides written by local writers outlining their top spots and stops. From hole-in-the-wall restaurants to out-of-the-way parks, downloading one of these offline-capable city guides is like having a friend show you around their hometown but with less small talk. (watch the video demo here)

3. Wifi Finder (free, iTunes and Google Play)

If you’ve decided to opt out of the high international roaming fees when travelling overseas, finding a Wi-Fi hotspot can all of sudden swing to the top of the must-do list upon arrival. Wifi Finder has a bank of more than 650,000 paid and free wireless hotspots in 144 countries, so chances are if you use this app, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Unlike other Wi-Fi finder apps, the beauty of this one is you don’t need to be online to view the availability list.

4. Record360 (free, iTunes and Google Play)

Alleviate any ambiguity when it comes to damage liability by putting this smart, car-rental app to use. Designed by former Enterprise Rent-a-Car executives, Record360 gathers a digital record of any preexisting damage and creates a cloud cache of time-stamped and geo-tagged photos, videos and notes that both parties can sign off on. Not limited to vehicles, this comprehensive app also works for vacation-homes, equipment rentals or anything you need to return in good nick.

5. HotelTonight (free, iTunes

Book a top-rated local or international hotel, which are categorized from Basic to Luxe, at a bargain-basement price using HotelTonight…the only catch is in its name. Since these are just-dropped room rates at hotels attempting to reach full occupancy, you can’t enjoy these low prices too far in advance — you need to book that same day or up to a week out.

6. Currency (free, iTunes)

Being one of the first 500 apps chosen to launch the Apple Store back in 2008, money-converting Currency is what’s called a legacy app. But a lot has changed since then: it can now be used on an Apple Watch, which was just a twinkle in a developer’s eye eight years ago, and it pulls currencies from more than 150 countries in 17 languages, making it one of the most powerful, simple-to-use currency converters out there.

7. Open Table (free, iTunes)

No matter where in the world you’re heading, OpenTable allows you to make reservations at more than 32,000 participating dining rooms and cafes around the globe. Give your desired dining destination a heads-up before you even land and eat when you want, where you want using this comprehensive online restaurant-reservation app.

8. Hopper (free, iTunes and Google Play)

Hopper works like a digital discount ticket agent, suggesting when to fly and when to buy to get the best fares for where you’re headed. Cute, clean and comprehensive, the app instantaneously data crunches billions of flight prices around the globe to get you the deal you’re looking for. It can also send you an alert when it predicts the lowest prices for your chosen final destination. With offices in both Montreal and Boston, Canadians are covered when it comes to domestic airlines and prices too.

9. Street View (free, iTunes and Google Play

Fulfill all your latent cartographer dreams with Google’s new app, made for those of us who’ve spent hours sweeping through Google Maps Street View online, checking out the side streets of Sicily or zooming up a hill in Tibet. The photomap app brings international street snooping into the social media sphere by allowing users to snap a 360° panorama “photo sphere” and instantly upload it to Google Maps. Time to let the rest of the world see how you view the world.

10. Audiobooks (free + subscription, iTunes)

Having a smooth journey is as much as about the inflight entertainment as it is about making sure everything is organized. Signing up for an subscription ($19.82/month) and downloading the app, gives you immediate access to over 2,500 audiobooks (and one book chosen from over 65,000 titles to keep each month). Popular books, such as Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman: A Novel or Cheryl Strayed’s Wild, can be streamed, downloaded and shared with multiple devices. (Impromptu family-vacation audio book club, anyone?).

With these 10 travel apps at the ready, you’re sure to have smooth sailings, easy flights and good times all around.