Special Guest Post Part 2: The Barn and Beyond…

Posted on Sep 14, 2010

Hi everybody! The Blog Whisperer here. This is Part 2 of of our Special Guest Post: "Kathryn's awesome adventure on the Heartland set" (as I like to call it!)

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Otherwise, back to you Kathryn!

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To the Barn!

I watched a few scenes filmed at the barn. It is not as big as I thought it would be - but a lot of the interior shots are also done in Calgary. I did not know that!

A Day on the set[I love this barn. It is weathered and old, like a good barn should be.]

A Day on the set[Inside the barn. The tack is to the right. The stalls are to the left!]

A Day on the set[The grain bins! Lou's office is straight ahead.]

At the barn, I got to meet Chris Potter (Tim). He is super funny. He made Jessica laugh while she was trying to say a line. He had a lot of fun with his scene I think.

A Day on the set[Chris Potter on set.]

Once that scene was wrapped up, guess who showed up next? The one and only, Kerry James!

A Day on the set[Kerry James and Kathryn.]

I was introduced to him and got a picture of course. Next to show up was Graham Wardle. Graham and Kerry tossed the football around and Shaun joined in as well.

I have to post Graham's football pose - courtesy of Shaun who asked Graham to pose. And as if my day wasn't already made, Amber Marshall snuck in and found me to say hello. She also brought her pup. Amber showed us a few tricks she had taught her puppy. Too cute!

A Day on the set[Graham Wardle's football pose, and Amber Marshall and her puppy, Remi. Remi was rolling over!]

Jessica was now finished for the day, but before she left, we got a picture with her, Shaun, Amber, and Graham.

A Day on the set[Jessica Amlee, Shaun Johnston, Kathryn, Sandra, Amber Marshall, and Graham Wardle. What a great day!]

Shaun was also done filming for the day, so he became our personal guide to everything Heartland! He was so much fun to spend the rest of the day with! I learned A LOT from him.

A Day on the set[Shaun taking a picture of me taking a picture of him!]

But, let's get back to filming for a moment. Kerry shot a brief scene and left for a bit. Amber and Graham were in the spotlight next. So, this scene I witnessed - with my own two eyes - was OH MY GOSH!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! Sorry, I have been sworn to secrecy. But trust me, it was ... wow. I can't wait to see how it plays out. I really wanted to know what happened next, but I also knew that no one would tell me!

A Day on the set[Amber and Graham during blocking.]

A Day on the set[Graham: "Amber, you must be this tall to drive the Norton (motorcycle)." Just kidding. I was stalking them up in Ty's loft and could not hear what they were really saying.]

While Graham was blocking a scene, I hung out behind the monitors with Shaun, his lovely wife, and Amber and Kerry. Pretty cool, huh? Wrong. Amber and Kerry started talking code and I am pretty sure it had something to do with Ty and Amy. Amber and Kerry were in disagreement on something. I tried to crack the code but I couldn't. I tried to get them to stop talking code, but they wouldn't. So, I sat there, dying (yes, dying!) to know what on earth they were talking about! They kept their lips sealed though. I probably know too much already.

Next, I got a picture with Graham and then with Amber.

A Day on the set[Graham and Kathryn at the side of the barn.]

A Day on the set[Amber dragging me out of the sun. Kerry off to the left, trying to duck out of the way.]

I then walked with Amber to Craft Services and we chatted a bit about Washington and I learned more about her puppy. She was called right back to rehearse with Graham though! But I mean, there are worse things to be asked of you, right?

While they rehearsed, Shaun took my mom and me up to Ty's loft. This is also when I got the photos of Amber and Graham. It is pretty cool up there. The room is decked out in motorcycle and car stuff.

A Day on the set[Ty's loft. His loft looks more decorated in this photo than it does when we see his loft on T.V. This was taken before Shaun opened the doors on the side to let light in.]

A Day on the set[I could have sworn there was a cot or another bed here? Did Ty re-arrange?]

My favourite part of Ty's loft is the photo he has of him and Amy on his dresser. What a good boyfriend!

A Day on the set[The photo Ty has in his loft. Next to the shaving cream, toothpaste, and deodorant. At least we know he practices good hygiene!]

While Amber and Graham continued to rehearse, Shaun opened up the doors in the loft so we could watch. I was snapping photos of course. But, when it came time to film, we had to come back down. I love it up there though!

The scene with Amber and Graham took a few hours, so by the time they were finished, it was almost lunch time.

Amber did some blocking for her own scene for a couple of minutes. Then, we rode back to the Circus in a van.

Lunch Time!

You know how the actors are always saying the food they are fed is amazing? They aren't lying. I was impressed that they make such good food for so many people. Mahi-Mahi, Beef Rouladen and a whole bunch of fruits and salads. I sat next to Amber and Shaun. We talked about Banff and skiing/snowboarding. We talked about other things, but I can't remember. It was a busy day.

Sadly, Graham was done for the day, so he came over to say goodbye. I showed him the Heartland Scrapbook a few of the fans put together (thanks again everyone!) for everyone on set and he was very touched. They were going to open it when more people were around to see. So, Graham was off to go back to bed. I don't blame him one bit! I could have used a nap myself!

A little later, Amber came out with a handful of chicks. Three little fuzzy yellow chicks to be exact. She let me hold one. Oh, they were so precious! Then Shaun took me back to where Amber was housing them so I could see the mama with her chicks. I think it is so cool that Amber brings animals to set. Shaun told me she might on the day I came!

Back to Set: Watching Amber Ride

She's so much fun to watch! I wish I could ride like that. You just can't take your eyes off of her! Shaun and I were both standing there amazed, and he gets to watch her ride more than I do! She's good I tell ya.

But we can't let Amber do all the riding, can we? How about we stick Kathryn up on Caleb's horse, "Shorty"? Okay, fine by me. Shaun had been talking about going riding on the horses since December, but was not sure if he could work it out with the Wranglers. Heck, even the crew were surprised to see me riding. While Shaun rode back up to the Circus in the car, I went with a wrangler to the Circus on "Shorty" AKA Jag. He was a lot of fun to ride! As soon as we got there though, the wrangler got radioed. "Shorty" was needed for filming, so I had to get off. No worries, "Copper" AKA Midget was tacked up for me. Shaun rode Jack's nameless horse (the brown and white paint). Shaun asked, "Hey Kathryn, do you want to help them move cows to the top of the hill for filming?" I sure did! So, Shaun and I assisted the wranglers in moving five cows across the road and up the hill. The cows had to stay put until they were needed, so the wranglers watched them while Shaun and I took photos on horseback. When filming began, we had to get out of the shot. So, Shaun and I watched the cows and made sure they didn't go anywhere. Shaun told me he had to watch one of the cows who looked ready to sneak away. I was reminded of Ty on his first cattle drive. "Hey cows! I'm watching you. Don't mess with me." We had a good laugh. We also had a good conversation about our lives. It is amazing how some people are so easy to talk with.

Okay, so time to bring the cows closer for filming. We all moved them farther up the hill and then got out of the way. Then, we had to watch the cows and make sure they did not leave while they filmed! The camera was literally off to my right side and the actors were actually filming. I had to help make sure the cows did not escape. Coolest experience ever! That scene went quick and then it was time to get the cows back to their pasture. So off "Copper" and I went with Shaun and the wranglers. The horses needed a break by this point, so we had to take them back to the Circus.

At the Circus, I got a picture with "Copper" and then I was sent back up to the top of the hill in the SUV to watch Chris and Kerry film. This scene had me laughing so hard but I could not believe what I heard. My hand went over my mouth to keep from saying "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?" You guys just wait! You can't help but laugh when Chris is filming.

I was reunited with my mom and I rotated between sitting with her and watching Chris and Kerry. I went to the washroom (you need to know this for the rest of my story) and on my way out, Chris was walking my way. He asked if the trailer I came out of was Craft Services. He was definitely headed there to find something to eat until I told him that was the bathroom. Ha! He laughed and said he didn't want anything to eat in there. He really is funny.

We were informed to stay out of the long grass because there are biting ants that were crawling on people. I do not know why I felt the need to tell you this, but I did. I'm terrified of ants. While I was up on the hill, guess who else I got to meet? Producer Tina Grewal! She's funny and very helpful if you have questions about Heartland. Though... she wouldn't tell me what happens in Season 4, aside from what I already know. I think my mom spent more time sitting with her than me. I was following Shaun around. Chris and Kerry finished up and were sent back down to the Circus.

Amber and Michelle came up to film next. I met Michelle again and chatted with her a bit. She's really nice! And I love watching Amber and Michelle work together. I start to think of them as actual sisters. I think you will like this particular scene. Then again, maybe you won't.

A Day on the set[Kathryn and Michelle.]

By the time Amber and Michelle finished, it was about 7:30 PM. That means I spent 12.5 hours on set. Fans never stay this long apparently. But I wanted the full experience and let me tell you, I got it. Shaun, my mom, and I rode back down to the Circus when filming wrapped.

Sadly, it was time to say goodbye. Most of us had a 45 minute drive back to Calgary and everyone was ready to go home. Shaun told me to hold tight while he grabbed something for me. He came back with an autographed photo and call sheet by the cast who were on set that day. I said goodbye to Michelle. I then handed Shaun the scrapbook that we, the fans, created for everyone at Heartland.

Here is what Shaun had to say about it: "The cast and crew were blown away! It's on display for all to see, read and enjoy."

Now I really had to say goodbye. I got my hug from Shaun and then reluctantly (very reluctantly) walked back to my car. On the way out, we stopped just past the gate so I could take a few pictures.

A Day on the set[Goodbye Heartland. I had the most wonderful time!]

Although my day on set has come and gone, I have my pictures and memories that will stay with me forever. I knew that a lot of work went in to making Heartland the success that it is today, but it took my 12.5 hours on set to fully appreciate all the hard work, dedication, and detail that goes into creating a show that so many people love. Heartland is more than just a show for me now. I witnessed a family of sorts while I was there. A family who works together, respects one another, and is passionate about the work they do.

So, to everyone at Heartland, thank you for letting me into your family for the day. You are all truly wonderful and I can honestly say, it was one of the best days I have ever had. You respect and appreciate your fans and because of this, you will continue to draw fans in as well as hold onto the ones you already have. Thank you again guys and gals and keep up the amazing work.

Season 4 is going to be amazing!

Feel free to ask any questions you may have. I may or may not be able to answer them, but I welcome them all the same.

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Thank you, Blog Whisperer, for helping me share my experience!


OMG... Thank YOU, Kathryn for a totally amazing post! You ROCK!