Sunday, January 2 - a new episode premieres on CBC. Yay!

Posted on Dec 30, 2010

Episode 410

Now that we've all enjoyed "A Heartland Christmas" (some of us more than once!) it's time to get back to matters at hand as we "start the New Year right" with four consecutive new episodes of the 4th Season of Heartland, beginning this Sunday, as the series returns to its familiar Sunday 7:00pm slot (7:30pm in Newfoundland). Click through for more info and photos from Episode 410!

The second half of the 4th Season starts with an episode titled "Mood Swings." Written by Heather Conkie and directed by Grant Harvey, this episode ties up one of those loose strings many of you have been keeping an eye on - Blair kissing Ty and him deciding to not tell Amy. What could go wrong with that plan?

Yes, Ty's travel buddies Grant and Blair, who we saw in the Season Premiere, return to Heartland, with dramatic and far-reaching results.

The turmoil doesn't end there, as Caleb and Ashley have difficulty adjusting to the reality that they aren't legally married. And Caleb receives some sage-like advice from Tim.

Mallory's adventure (in the last episode) of being locked in the horse trailer and being returned to Heartland by the police is still reverberating. Meanwhile, Lou gets some news that will have a huge impact on her and Peter's lives.

As always, the New Year for Heartland launches with a bang on all fronts, and you will not want to miss this episode! (But really - when would you ever want to miss an episode?)

There are a couple of items I do want to address with all of you fans. A looooong time ago (okay, 3 months) we set a goal of reaching 40,000 fans on Facebook by Christmas. Well, we fell short, but not by much! Yesterday we passed the 39,000 mark, and I'm sure that sometime in the first week of January we will easily pass the target and continue to climb as popularity in Heartland increases both in Canada and around the world!

Now, getting back to this week's new episode: I'm sure you all remember how much Kit was bashed around here, especially during Season 2, but it is NOTHING compared to the trashing Blair has received in your responses to the December 21 blog post! Boy, one doesn't want to get Heartland fans mad, does one? ;)

HORSELVR98 posted, "I wonder how Emma Lahana feels about all these nasty comments"

Well you can be sure that Emma - the actress who plays Blair - is getting a kick out of them, as any actor loves to incite a response from fans.

If you are interested in seeing Emma in a different role, she also has a recurring role as Charlotte on the CW's "Hellcats", where she plays Savannah's (Ashley Tisdale's) sister. In real life Emma is totally cool, and nothing like Blair!

So anyway, after you watch "Mood Swings" please come back and let us all know what you thought of it, and in the meantime - on behalf of the producers, the directors, the writers and the entire cast and crew, as well as everyone here at the CBC - I would like to wish each and every one of you a Happy New Year for 2011.

Episode 410

Episode 410

Episode 410

Episode 410

Episode 410