Ruby and Emmanuella Spencer

Ruby and Emmanuella Spencer are 4 year old identical twins who were born in Calgary, Alberta. They are of Canadian/Australian descent, with a Canadian father and an Australian mother. The girls have dual citizenship and although they currently reside in Canada, they also enjoy spending time in Australia.

Ruby and Emmanuella first appeared on Heartland as babies, and are growing up on the screen. The girls have had scripted lines since they were 1 year old and have taken to the role of “Lyndy” with natural ease. They both love animals and are enjoying learning to ride horses, which compliments their role on Heartland.

When not on set, Ruby and Emmanuella enjoy dressing up (mostly princess dresses), playing with their stuffed animals, reading books and colouring. They currently attend junior kindergarten and are learning to speak French.

Ruby and Emmanuella live an active lifestyle and particularly enjoy skiing, skating and ballet classes. They love playing with their older sister, Isla and helping care for their new baby brother, Finn. The girls are happy, inquisitive and outgoing. They love being on set and look forward to many more adventures!