Kerry James

The son of an RCMP officer, James was born in Saanich on Vancouver Island and because of his father's occupation moved around a lot when he was young. He lived in such disparate places such as Vancouver, the northern Canadian community of Dees Lake and in sunny Kelowna in the British Columbia interior, where he finished high school. While growing up, fantasy and being creative were always a part of James' life and he took a keen interest in acting in high school, where he learned both that he had a talent for it and that he thoroughly loved it. Shortly after graduating he moved to Vancouver to train to become an actor and to improve and hone his skills. He trained at the Vancouver Film School. His current coach and mentor is the legendary acting coach Warren Robertson. After extensive stage work James began acting in front of the camera. He has had a recurring role in "Aliens in America" and also played Joey Deems in the television movie "On the Other Hand, Death: A Donald Strachey Mystery." He also had a role in the family horror television feature "The Boy Who Cried Werewolf" with Brooke Shields, and can be seen as Butch Cassidy in "Goodnight for Justice: Queen of Hearts." Away from "Heartland" Kerry has a passion for writing and one day wants to direct himself in films that he has scripted. A natural athlete, he also enjoys most sports, including boxing and football.