Gabriel Hogan

Toronto born Gabriel Hogan comes from an acting family, as both his parents; Michael Hogan and Susan Hogan are well known to television viewers. In fact, on an episode from Season 5 of Heartland, in a case of life imitating art, Michael and Susan played Peter's parents - the first time the three of them appeared on screen together playing parents and a son. Tall, with leading man looks, Gabriel has been acting on television and in films since he was young. On television he is known for his roles as Ian Farnham in "Traders" and as Mitch Barsworth in "The Associates," but he has appeared in numerous television movies and mini-series, including "Flashpoint" and "The Bridge" and most recently as young Joe Kennedy in "The Kennedys." He also played Danny Sless in 21 episodes over two seasons on "King." Other television movies Gabe has been in include "Murder in the Hamptons," "Crazy Canucks," "Widow on the Hill" and "Mayday." His feature film work includes roles in "Peacekeepers," "Canada Russia '72" (playing Ken Dryden), "The One," "Head In The Clouds," "Accidental Friendship" and "Show Me."