Chris Potter

Chris Potter was born in Toronto and raised in London, Ontario, Canada. An early start in theatre and music ultimately led to him finding a calling in film and television work.

An actor with great versatility, Chris has a flair for edgy roles. He has accumulated an impressive volume of credits in a 25-year career. He has starred in 7 successful TV series (over 450 cumulative one-hour episodes) in addition to numerous TV guest appearances, television movies, and feature films.

Chris is also an accomplished director and producer. On Heartland, he has directed 3 episodes this season, including the season premiere (1201) and the series’ 200th episode (1207).

Over the length of his career, Chris has become a recognized international actor and star to many loyal fans. He continues to donate his time, his support and commitment to numerous charities.

Chris and his wife Karen have also placed their family life and raising their four, now grown up, children as their top priority.