Your Questions Answered: Part Two

Posted on Feb 22, 2018

It's one week later and, this time, I have more of your questions from two weeks ago to answer. And, you know me, I'm more than happy to do so.

I will get right into it, after mentioning a couple of things many of you will want to (or rather should) know.

The first thing is what has to be on all Canadian Heartland fans' minds; we are a little over halfway through the five-week wait until the next new episode of Season 11 comes out across our country on CBC. I know many of you are aware of this, but it never hurts to repeat the really important things. So here goes...

The next NEW Heartland Season 11 episode will premiere in 17 days on Sunday, March 11, at 7:00pm/7:30 in Newfoundland, so mark your calendar. 

Secondly, to the many of you who are anxious about season 12, we always go through this little dance every year. We've done this for (Yikes!) a decade now and, as always, we will not know if there will be another season for a little while yet. You can find some threads on social media (not ours) stating that Heartland is already greenlit for another season this year, and you can find other comments stating that season 11 will be Heartland's last. The truth is that I don't know which way it's going to go. All we can do, as we have done for the past 10 years, is be patient and keep our fingers crossed. I actually answered these kinds of questions last week when I wrote, "I am a glass half full sort of Blog Whisperer... I would be extremely surprised if Heartland did not return for a twelfth season. That's the best I can come up with, except to add that when I officially know you will know.

And lastly, before I answer your questions, since there is a lot of snow in many places across Canada, I thought a never before seen photo of Amber Marshall as Amy in the snowy woods would be a nice choice for today's photo. It certainly fits in well with winter in Canada, doesn't it?

Now, on to your questions...

John W Aiple comments, "Don't know if CBC could open their broadcast to internet subscribers (other than Canada only) or not but they are leaving money on the table by broadcasting in Canada only."

A: Actually you have to understand that CBC has the rights to air and stream Heartland in Canada only. They do not own the series and, as such, allowing it to be seen online in other countries would make the broadcasters in those countries very upset because those foreign broadcasters are paying to broadcast and stream the series in their own countries. The bottom line is that CBC cannot sell the series outside of Canada, because they do not have the rights to do so. There are US and international sales agents who work for the producers, and that is what they do.

Rosanne Hall wants to know what happened to some of the client horses Amy works with and, also, where is Copper?

A: Each season of Heartland has 18 episodes, consisting of short two or three-day time periods, and take place between the early spring and late fall. A few of these episodes are back to back (often the 9th and 10th episodes), but most end without every storyline getting neatly tied up. A lot is left to the viewer to draw their own conclusions. With most of the successfully treated horses, we should assume that they have happily returned home with their owner(s) or that they have been re-homed. And as for Copper? We last saw Copper in Season 10 when Mallory returned so, Copper is still around the ranch, he's just not always in episodes.

Patti Anderson asks, "When is Lyndy's naming ceremony going to be?"

A: Everyone is waiting until one of the twin babies playing Lyndy can say, "That really is a stunning rock above the hearth. Have any of my ancestors laid claim to it? Because if not I hope no one would take offence if I requested it to be my stone." Okay, I'm kidding. Everyone is happy that Ruby and Emmanuella can gurgle and occasionally say "Goo." But you are not the first to request to see a naming ceremony. I think it is a great idea, and I hope we do indeed get to witness that on the series - sooner, rather than later.

Skylar Cheyenne asks, "Does Lauren Brooke (the author of the Heartland book series) have anything to do with the series or did she sign away rights and let y'all run with it?"

A: Although Ms. Brooke gets a front title credit because the lead characters are ones she created in her popular book series, she provides no input regarding the stories in the episodes of the television series and it has been several years since the book series was mined for episode storylines.

Stephanie Hotchkiss asks, "Graham [Wardle] has been absent a lot the past couple of seasons. What is it he is doing that keeps him away from Heartland?"

A: I did answer this last week, but in a nutshell: If a cast member wants their fans to know specific things about their personal lives, it is up to them to do so on their own social media pages. It is not up to me, and I am glad that I am not revealing personal things about any cast member without their permission.

Elodie Jubert asks, "In addition to the actors, how many people are working on the set of Heartland?"

A: The answer to your question could be the subject of an entire blog, but I will give you a snapshot of a November day at the studio. I have the call sheet and here is a list of who was working on set by department on this one specific day: Director: 1; Assistant Directors: 4; Script Supervisor: 1; Camera Department: 10; Grips: 6; Lighting: 6; Sound: 3; Locations: 4; Hair/MakeUp: 4; Costumes: 2; Transportation: 10; Set Decoration: 5; Props: 3; Special Effects: 2; First Aid/Craft Services: 2; Catering: 3; Tutors: 1. 

That's 67 people, but you did ask who worked "on set." There are many others who have worked hard on Heartland but not specifically on set including; Producers and Executive producers, Writers, Editors, the Art Department, Wranglers, Security, a Director and two more Assistant Directors working on the following block of episodes, Casting, the Stunt Coordinator, Publicity, Greens, Construction and Paint, Post Production Technicians, Composers and the Accountants and Office Coordinators at the production office. In other words - a lot!  

Gary Gibson asks "My (your intrepid Blog Whisperer) opinion on whether Tim should ask Casey for her hand in marriage."

A: Gary - you know I can't answer that for I wish to have zero influence on what the Heartland fans want to see happen. That's like asking me who I would like to see Lou wind up with. Now the fact I am not replying, "What? Are you crazy?" means I do not think it is a terrible idea but, not unlike Lou, the endgame of Tim's story has yet to be told.

Muriel Wager asks, "Is the baby playing Lyndy the biological daughter of Amber Marshall, who plays Amy?"

A: As Hannah Anker answered, "No," I think everyone will agree that production was extremely lucky to find young twins as adorable as the two who are playing Amy and Ty's baby.

Hannah Anker asks, "Do you know when we will find out if Heartland is renewed for a season 12?"

A: I did answer this up at the top of today's blog, but maybe I can clarify the answer a little. As soon as I know you will know, and I expect to find out within the next couple of months.

Anna Marie Fisher asks, "Where did Amy get her laptop, with the lit horse head logo on the cover."

A: That was a little magic from the Heartland Art and Props department. In other words, it is unique and was created for the series.

Joshua Buerckner asks, "Amy and Ty wanted (in past seasons) to buy their own place/ranch. Is that still in the plans?"

A: Young couples often dream and that was a natural one for Ty and Amy, or any young couple in love, to have. But, faced with the reality of costs and their situation at the moment, this has moved to a back burner on the stovetop of their lives. However, it has not fallen off the stove (No better way to be cryptic than to use a large household appliance as a metaphor, no?).

Joshua also asked another question, and I know I said one question only, but this is such an excellent question I am going to answer it.

Joshua asks, "Are storylines already prepared for a possible season 12?"

A: Yes. Before a primary broadcaster (in this case the CBC in Canada) agrees to a new season of any scripted series, they want to know what is going to happen in each of the episodes. So, rough outlines, storylines, and character arcs are in place. That happened last fall during what is called "in development." There is no guarantee it will go ahead, but once the green light is given, there won't be a crazy mad scramble. I think you'll all agree this makes sense.

Leslie Daniel-Jack asks, "If there is a season 12 will Amber and Graham need to spend time with the twins playing Lyndy to connect with them before they begin filming the Family Borden?"

A: When I earlier wrote that Heartland lucked out when they found Ruby and Emmanuella Spencer it wasn't only because of their looks. The twins have a marvelous disposition and are very friendly. I'm sure the bonding process will not take long at all.

Georgia Howard asks, "Is Ty leaving?"

A: Graham Wardle was asked this at the last Fans as Extras Day and he told about a thousand fans he was committed to Heartland and if there is a twelfth season Ty will be back. And back means back at Heartland.

Patrick Longworth asks, "Will we see Victor Whitetail or Renard in [a] future episode?"

A: I have no idea what future episodes have in store for us. Sorry for being vague but, the truth is, unless a character has died there is always a possibility they might show up in a future episode. A good example is Mallory and Jake, who both were gone for over two years but came back for two Season 10 episodes.

Mandy Foote Neifert asks "If there is a list of characters' bios including full names, birth dates, anniversary dates, etc."

A: There are bio pages for the main cast on this website, but only include basic details. There is no practical reason to go into minute detail. Not for a television series. I still marvel at the detailed appendix J.R.R. Tolkien included for the Lord of the Rings trilogy of novels. And for a complexly written tome with hundreds of characters that makes a certain amount of sense. But the best way to learn about Heartland's characters is to carefully watch all 193 episodes. That's not asking too much, is it?

Helen Nilsson Oesterling asks, "Whatever happened to Tim's son and his mother Miranda?"

A: After Tim and Miranda broke up for good Miranda and Shane moved and it was made clear that Miranda - who is now married - does not want Tim around. Might we see them again? Please see my answer to Patrick Longworth above.

Olivia Brown Dunklin asks, "When will season 11 be on Amazon or Netflix?"

A: Because the catalogue for Netflix is different in each of the 200 countries where the streaming service operates I suggest you ask Netflix in your country. I can tell you it will not likely be until 2019 at the earliest.

Joy Kernodle Stewart asks, "Do you ever come to the USA?"

A: If you mean the cast, as in appearances, no official appearances in any country except Canada are arranged through CBC.

Elaine Cherrington asks, "When will we be able to purchase Season 11?"

A: The DVD sets should be on sale in Canada this fall. No exact date has been set yet.

Brooke Wymer asks if the baby sounds are actually made by the twins when they are being filmed.

A: Some are. The spontaneous gurgles and laughter are often left in. During filming the babies were, well, babies. Even though everyone on set is convinced they are going to grow up to become Rhodes scholars, at the moment they cannot respond with specific dialogue on cue.

Ella Dubin asks "Why do we not see more of Lisa in the series and is she going to get her own fireplace stone?"

A: Remember that Lisa is a very independent woman and she spends a lot of time apart from Jack but, both are pretty happy with that. This is no small feat for Jack. As for her getting a stone, that's not a bad idea. I'll pass your suggestion along.

Tracey Jelfs Allman asks, "How does one get to be a part of the Fans as Extras Days?"

A: Always read this Thursday blog during the production season. If there is a need for a huge crowd, and we are going to be asking Heartland fans to show up, it will first be mentioned on this page on a Thursday. Keep an eye out and I will put out the call as soon as the details are known (Now we just need a twelfth season).

Wow! Heartland fans know how to ask great questions. I hope my answers shine a little light on the series for you. I always enjoy writing these types of posts.

Thanks to everyone who posted questions. If I didn't get to yours it was because a very similar one was asked by somebody else or your question came in too late. Although I did my best to answer some questions that were posted a little after the stated Sunday deadline.

That's all for today. I hope you enjoy your weekend and, if you are like me, you are watching a fair amount of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games coverage on CBC. But however you spend the next week, know that I will be back next Thursday with a whole bunch of interesting stuff. And there is nothing like stuff!

Until then I shall remain, as always... obediently yours.