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Posted on Feb 25, 2016

How time flies! This is my last season 9 blog without a new episode being shown the following Sunday. There are still three more of those new episodes to follow (March 6, 13 and 20), but this is my last blog without a new episode premiering before the season ends.

Last week I said I would address some of your questions and so I am going to get right to it.

Gary asks, "We need season 10 please. Will Amy get pregnant this season?"
A: Everyone wants a season 10, and I have to say it is looking pretty good, for so far more Canadians are watching season 9 than have watched any season of the series so far. This is quite amazing seeing how Heartland continues to grow year after year. As to the second part of your question - am I really known as a Blog Whisperer who gives away spoilers? I don't think I have that sort of a reputation, so I am just politely not responding.

A.C. asks, "It's a silly question, and one that you might not even be able to answer ... but I'm wondering how you might be able to catch one of the actors at a function or something? I mean, are there a list of functions that they are scheduled to appear at? Any auctions perhaps in the near future? What a dream it would be to meet that cast of this wonderful show!!"
A: Not a silly question at all. If there is an official Heartland or CBC function that the public are welcome to it will be promoted here on the blog as well as on our social media pages. If an actor is doing something on his or her own, he or she will promote it on their social media pages. As for auctions, especially ones where set visits are being bid on, there can be none taking place until if and when season 10 is a go. Then (again) look for those to be mentioned here and on Facebook and on Twitter.

Spartan asks,"My question is are there any plans for expanding the barn now that the loft has been turned into a home where are they storing all the hay and other supplies?"
A: Hmmn - a practical question since the loft is now Amy and Ty's residence. A good question. We'll have to see what happens in that regards if there is a season 10.

Patrick Longworth, jumping upon the fact that I didn't say "1 question only please!" asks a series of questions that I have to make educated guesses at -

Is Scott in a relationship still?
A: Dunno!

Will Peter ever "darken" Heartland's doors again. ;-)
A: Oh yeah!!!

Will we see Lisa's nephew Ben in the future?
A: No

Is Tim going to be single for the near future?
A: Probably.

Will we see Lily and Wade in the near future?
A: Doubtful, although Lily plays an important off-screen part in the next episode!

Will we see Georgie's brother and her aunt in the near future?
A: The brother? Perhaps. The aunt? Very doubtful.

Angela Parsons asks, "Hey BW, could you give us a few tidbits about the upcoming episodes?"
A: No. Er, okay; I will repeat that Ty is in all of the remaining episodes, and as you can see above, I have said that we will be seeing Peter again.

Heartland addict asks, "My question is, how does heartland film scenes where people fall off horses without putting the actors in danger?
A: Heartland uses stunt doubles when someone falls off a horse. And those stunt doubles are not in danger either, because they are trained professionals and they know exactly what they are doing. Sometimes they wear padding so there is no danger whatsoever. Also sometimes a stunt is filmed in closeup and it only looks like the actor is falling when in fact they have just dismounted. There are a lot of tricks that can be used to make it appear that something is more perilous than it actually is.

Lyn asks, I have always wondered who are you? do you work for heartland or something? and are you a guy or a girl?"
A; As most of you know I am the Blog Whisperer (or BW if you like) and I keep an eye on all social media activity. I have been on set but am not there regularly, but I am in contact with a lot of the cast and crew. I have been at the CBC but am not there regularly, but I am in contact with a lot of people at the broadcaster. The best description I can give is that like many of you I am a superfan who wants to see Heartland go on for a long time. I would like to think I get a lot of information from my spies; so much that fans of Heartland get way more information on the series than they could from many other series. I'm happy to be doing this all for you Heartlanders. As for am I a guy or a gal, the answer is "Yes!"

Span asks, "I'm wondering where Mrs. Bell and Sugarfoot have gone?!"
A: There are several characters that come and go on the series and unless they have passed away they may return some day.

Sammy Rosa asks, "Are we going to see another periscope with Amber and Graham or another actor before the end of the season?"
A: There will be more Periscope sessions before 918 airs on March 20. Keep watching this page and our social media pages for alerts.

Lotty asks, "Do you know if they have add more to Netflix yet last I saw it only went to season 6?"
A: Netflix is now in 130 countries and they have different programs and series in each country. In Canada Netflix has seasons 1 through 8 and season 9 will be added within a few months of the season finale. In the US Netflix has seasons 1 through 6. They have the right to play seasons 7 and 8, but not yet. Those will be added later. I'm sorry, I do not know when. Asking Netflix - wherever you are - is a better way to go than asking in here.

heartlandlover198429 asks, "Do u know when it's coming back in the USA?"
A: Currently Heartland's sales agent is seeking a broadcaster who will not only air season 9, but will also show the previous eight seasons. As you might expect, this is trickier than finding a broadcaster to just show one season. As soon as some broadcaster is confirmed I will let everyone know.

Cloud Dancing asks, "I have a question for you BW- In the beginning of season 9, I asked you if we would see MORE of Nathaniel Arcand (Scott). You said YES, that he was still part of the Heartland cast. Well, I have only seen him in the first episode for maybe 1 minute. Did I miss him in other episodes or is my observation correct?"
A: Scott was in episodes 902 and 903, hence my positive response then. While it's true he was not in season 9 as much as in the past, that is not to say he will not be in future episodes or seasons, if there are any.

France Ouellette asks, "Hi BW ! Thanks again for the great blog as always !! ☺ I was wondering... My family and I wanted to go see heartland and where it's filmed and the diner and whatever that is heartland during the summer break. The kids 6 and 7 years old are so in love with Heartland. Is there a time during the summer or places that we could go visit that includes heartland ?"
A: Heartland gets many requests to visit and watch filming, which is why production offers a Day-on-Set package to not for profit organizations so they can raise money for their causes. Unfortunately the set is closed to the public the rest of the time.

CBClover512 asks "I was wondering if there's going to be a autograph session at ambers appearance in markshaw ? Also I always wanted to know when Lou was pregnant and gave birth was that Katie at the time, her real child or special effects?"
A: Check Amber's webpage for information on her appearances. Michelle Morgan, who plays Lou was wearing padding leading up to her character giving birth. All the young children who have played Katie are not related in any way to Michelle. I hesitate to call them "special effects." LOL

Shirleygail asks, "This has probably been answered and I missed it...what was Lou doing in New York?"
A: Remember Lou used to live in New York, so she was away for a week, catching up with old friends and unwinding.

Al Weber asks, "The question i have is why is Ty missing from so many episodes this season. I know he volunteers with the Cruise For a Cause during the summer but that is usually during there filming break. What is going on?
A: Although there is much behind the scenes information we share there are some things that shall remain private. Heartland is a work environment, like any other company. (Well, not exactly like any other company, but for purposes of this analogy it is). When an employee has to be away for a period of time everyone else adjusts, some people pick up the slack and the company keeps on running. And just as with other companies, the reason an employee has to be away is no one's business.

I for one think this year has been fantastic, but I happen to like all the characters and their storylines. Because season 9 is looking to be the most watched season every I have to think many agree. Something I always say - trust the writers! I think everyone is going to enjoy the last three episodes of this season. The photo at the top of this post is from next Sunday's new episode, so you can see Dr. Borden is back at it, and he will be as well in the final two episodes of the season.

Carina Grain asks, "Could you remind us what the last three episodes are named? I can't remember which blog post it was in!!!!!"
A: Sure - 916: "Pandora's Box." 917: "Love is just a Word." 918: "Resolutions."

fanny1212 asks, "Can Mallory come back for just one episode??"
A: She is not is season 9. In the future? First we have to know that there will be future episodes. But unless a character has passed away anyone could be brought back, as long as the actor playing him or her does not wish to return.

agape asks, "there's nothing wrong with my post BW so why aren't they posted they were written before some of the others .........this question also goes for my post on episode 15 first look..........if you have a problem with my post make a statement for all to see don't hide.
A: I have absolutely no idea what you are asking. I have started from the beginning of this thread of comments, and your above question is the first of yours that I have seen.

Cat asks, "I'm not Canadian, so where can I watch it?"
A: Well Cat, you don't have to be Canadian, but you do have to be in Canada (or somewhere the CBC broadcasts, like northern states of the the US. CBC broadcasts it and then streams it on this site. Because each season is exclusive to the CBC there are no licensed broadcasters outside of the CBC who can be showing it, but they will be added later in various countries.And as for pirated versions that may be online, you will not find me promoting them here, nor letting anyone else promote them as well.

So there were a lot of questions, and I have answered them as best I could. I did not answer questions I did not understand or could not verify, and I did not answer duplicate questions.

I also did not address any post that did not contain a question and was only a comment, but in one of them I was badly misquoted and then that misquote reappeared in a subsequent comment, so I am going to close off with the following -

Heartland is enjoying its best watched season ever. It is the longest running drama in the history of Canadian television. There are bound to be changes and adjustments over the course of a decade. The producers and writers have taken a book series that had a target readership of 8 - 12 years of age and have turned it into a 157 episode saga for the whole (as in entire) family. The series has fans who were not born in 2007 when it first premiered.

I remember not long ago when this site received negative comments that the on again, off again Amy & Ty story was going to sour viewers and they were going to stop watching. Heartland is a multi-generational series. There are fans of Jack & Lisa; there are fans who favour Tim; there are fans of Lou & Peter and there are fans of Georgie as well as of Amy & Ty. Heartland is not a procedural, where the same story is repeated every episode of the season. I for one believe the production team is doing an amazing job and I hope for two things - 1) That the series will be continuing with a 10th season, and 2) That you will continue to join us for the ride.

Did I mention that season 9 is the most watched season ever?

I'll be back next week to tell you about the next new episode (916) which features Ty bringing back something his mother gave him. Until then I remain as always, obediently yours.

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